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MOFGA Chapters

There are several chapters of MOFGA.

Contact Galen Young, 1281 Southgate Rd, Argyle, ME 04468. 207-745-4797.

Contact Kimberly Krejsa, 52 Whites Ln, Wiscasset, ME 04578. 303-550-2624.

York County
Contact Andrew Graham, MOFGA Community Engagement Coordinator, for more information.

Chapter activities vary from region to region, but may include educational talks and demonstrations, social events like dances and pot-luck suppers, cooperative buying orders, and fundraising efforts.

Any MOFGA member may request that the Board of Directors recognize a new chapter to serve his or her local area. Likewise, any group of members may ask the Board of Directors to recognize a new chapter that is focused on a particular agricultural economic sector. Such chapters may have membership requirements that are more restrictive than the general membership requirements for MOFGA, as long as said requirements focus on clearly defining the membership of the chapter based on agricultural economics or activities.

If you are interested in starting a new MOFGA chapter, please send a written proposal to MOFGA's Board Secretary, Jo Ann Myers, stating the geographic or economic sector to be served, the number of active and potential participants in the proposed chapter, the proposed frequency of meetings, and any other relevant information to assist the Board in determining approval of the chapter.