Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

Radio Interviews

The MOFGA-El Salvador Sistering Committee has been interviewed on WERU-FM (which is sistered with Radio Sumpul in El Salvador) several times. To listen to these programs, search “MOFGA El Salvador” at

Delegation Reports

We report on our delegations and on other work of our committee in The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener (The MOF&G). Here are feature stories about our work:

MOFGA's Salvadoran Sisters Address Food, Water, Environmental and Social Issues, Summer 2017 MOF&G

MOFGA-El Salvador Sistering Committee – 15 Years of Solidarity, Winter 2016-2017 MOF&G

Power to the Swarm, Winter 2016-2017 MOF&G

Strong Interest in Local Organic Foods in El Salvador, Summer 2015

The Fight for Sustainable Agriculture in El Salvador, Spring 2015 MOF&G

MOFGA Hosts Salvadoran Delegation, Winter 2012-2013 MOF&G

Optimism in El Salvador, Fall 2010 MOF&G

Another Successful Exchange with El Salvador [email protected], Summer 2007 MOF&G

Dyeing with Indigo, Summer 2006 MOF&G

Third MOFGA Delegation to El Salvador, or, "Maine Organic Coffee Growers" Travel to El Salvador, Summer 2005 MOF&G

The Challenges to Food Security Posed by Neoliberal Globalization, Winter 2003-2004 MOF&G (Juvelina Palma’s keynote speech at the 2003 Common Ground Country Fair)

MOFGA’s [email protected]: Let’s Create Our Own Free Trade Agreements, Winter 2003-2004 MOF&G

MOFGA Members Have Productive Visit to El Salvador ‘Sister’ Farms, Summer 2003 MOF&G

The Struggle for Agricultural Sustainability, Fall 2002 MOF&G