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Sass Homestead Property

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In the Spring of 2006, Jerry Sass of North Anson donated his homestead and 75 acres of carefully managed forest to MOFGA. As part of his gift, Sass plans to stay on the homestead and manage the woods as long as he is able. MOFGA will hold the property in perpetuity and continue managing the woods according to Sass' principles.

This is a tremendously generous gift. Jerry has cared for this forest for almost 40 years, and now MOFGA has a chance to pass his stewardship values and knowledge to others long in the future. Donations like this could be an important model for helping new farmers and foresters to establish themselves in years to come.

Discussions with Sass about the future of his forest were facilitated by Concepts of Place (Bonnie Lounsbury and Adrian Wadsworth) of Lewiston, who helped work through the legal and financial details of the transfer.