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Common Kitchen Manager and Food Liaison

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MOFGA Common Kitchen Manager and Food Liaison
(last updated June 2018)

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Primary Responsibilities: To manage and maintain the Common Kitchen, food donations, and work with Fair Staff to coordinate food at the Common Ground Country Fair. All duties are performed with the highest safety standards and in keeping with MOFGA’s Food Policy.

Supervisors: Director of Buildings & Grounds and CGCF Director

Work Week: 20 hours - Monday through Friday.

Additional Work Hours: Extended hours during September, events, and meetings.

Position: The employee in this position is eligible for overtime pay.

Required Abilities and Knowledge:

  • understanding issues related to organic farming and gardening in Maine
  • culinary and management experience
  • ability to pass and maintain a ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification
  • knowledge of DHHS codes and standards
  • ability to prioritize workload and manage multiple projects concurrently
  • comfortable collaboration with staff, volunteers and public
  • ability to train volunteers and support staff
  • effective verbal and written communication skills
  • strong customer service skills
  • computer literacy including word processing, spreadsheet management, Google docs, and familiarity with the Mac platform
  • willingness to learn new systems
  • willingness to work a flexible schedule
  • creative problem solving and ability to take initiative where appropriate

Primary Responsibilities:

Common Kitchen Management

  • Report to the Director of Buildings & Grounds for scheduling, maintenance, and needs.
  • Maintain a current ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification.
  • Ensure all food handling in the Common Kitchen is according to ServSafe standards.
  • Be onsite once a week to manage kitchen needs and keep up to date on tasks.
  • Ensure the kitchen, pantry, and freezers are kept in good order and in keeping with DHHS codes.
  • Organize and lead volunteer cook days.
  • Work with Events Coordinator to schedule all cooks days and organizational/cleaning days around MOFGA event & meeting needs.
  • Keep an updated, shared Google calendar of Kitchen usage.
  • Be available by phone and email.

Year-Round Food Donations

  • Maintain and establish relationships to encourage year-round and event donations.
  • Coordinate delivery and pick-up of food donations.
  • Maintain and stock the pantry, walk-in, and freezers with organic food.
  • Receive food donations and keep an updated food inventory.
  • Coordinate and lead workshops and workdays to preserve or cook food donations as needed.
  • Maintain a master list of food donors and their donations.
  • Work with staff and volunteers regarding ingredient needs for donation requests.

Common Ground Country Fair Food Liaison

  • Report to the Director of the Common Ground Country Fair for assignments and expectations regarding guidelines, sourcing, and conduct.
  • Take the lead and work with the Common Ground Country Fair Coordinator on all paperwork.
  • Coordinate the Food Ingredient Review with the Food Ingredient Review Group.
  • Maintain confidentiality of food ingredients and sourcing.
  • Take the lead on any crop failures working with vendors and the Food Review Group to find suitable alternatives.
  • Be available by phone and email.
  • Be responsible for and its correspondence.
  • Be the point of contact for all exhibitor areas with food.
  • Work with Compost & Recycling Coordinators to help prepare vendors to be ready for the Fair’s Compost & Recycling system.
  • Work with Utilities Coordinator to ensure smooth operation.
  • Be on-site to help with Food Vendor set-up and clean-up.
  • Coordinate ice with the Fair Logistics Coordinator: order, tallies, and money
  • Conduct receipt checks for all vendors in the Food areas and other areas as agreed upon with the Fair Director.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the Food Vendor and Supplier Potluck.
  • Other duties as needed
  • Carrying out all of the responsibilities listed above in accordance with the mission statement, goals, and philosophy of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

MOFGA’s success is dependent upon the collaborative spirit among its staff members and volunteers. Employees are expected to be ready and willing to assist colleagues in all program areas when directed to do so by their supervisors.

To apply: Candidates for the position should submit pdf applications (including a cover letter, resume and three
professional references) to: