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Meet Cindy Townsend and Ron DiGravio of Cranberry Rock Farm in Winthrop

July 16, 2020

Meet Cindy Townsend and Ron DiGravio of Cranberry Rock Farm LLC in Winthrop, Maine. They grow organic produce of all kinds. You can find their products at multiple health food stores, farmers' markets, and on their online store. As Cindy says of growing organically, "organic production is the best way to work with the environment and to optimize nutrient density in the vegetables we grow." When asked what organic production principles and practices they most valued, Cindy explained, "we value minimal tillage and cover cropping as the best ways to enhance the health of our soil and of our farm as a whole." Visit them online at their website, on Facebook, on Instagram @cranberryrockfarm and remember to look for the MOFGA Certified Organic logo where you shop.


Meet Emilia Carbone and Jed Beach of 3 Bug Farm in Lincolnville

April 23, 2020

Meet Emilia Carbone and Jed Beach of 3 Bug Farm in Lincolnville, Maine. They and their four sons, Ray, Silas, Luca and Tait, grow all the MOFGA-certified organic vegetables you can think of, plus flowers, seedlings, black raspberries, table grapes, strawberries and in the coming years a larger diversity of fruit. Find 3 Bug Farm produce at their farm stand on Route 235 in Lincolnville and at many midcoast stores. The farm is named for the swallowtail butterflies, fireflies and dragonflies that populate the area in warmer months. Growing organically helps achieve this biodiversity and a complex and balanced farm ecosystem, say the farmers, adding, "We have made a promise to not overdevelop our property and to work with our surroundings." Having four boys always snacking on the farm produce is another great reason for being organic.


Meet Ben Daly of Chirp Creek Farm in Lisbon

April 16, 2020

Meet Ben Daly of Chirp Creek Farm in Lisbon, Maine, pictured here with Sophia Gamache (site manager at Lewiston Farmers' Market). Chirp Creek grows many types of MOFGA-certified organic produce. Daly is especially proud of its fancy lettuce varieties. The Chirp Creek farmers grow organically because they believe that organic farms are part of a holistic, healthy system, and because they know their customers like to be assured of the quality of their produce. Two horses do the tillage and cultivation. A crew of two helps Ben to do the rest of the field work and packing, as do various friends and family members occasionally. You can find Chirp Creek products at the Lewiston, Auburn, Cumberland and Falmouth farmers’ markets. They also sell wholesale.


Meet Amy LeBlanc of Whitehill Farm in East Wilton

April 9, 2020

At Whitehill Farm in East Wilton, Maine, Amy LeBlanc produces MOFGA-certified organic seedlings, vegetables and value-add products, which she has been selling at the Farmington Farmers’ Market for over 20 years. She also sells at craft fairs and festivals; through the Western Maine Market, a local online farmer-to-consumer connection; and at the Better Living Center in Farmington. Since the Fedco Tree Sale is canceled for this year, she’ll sell her seedlings on-farm at the end of May. Call if you’re looking for seedlings.


Meet Jason and Barbara Kafka of Checkerberry Farm in Parkman

April 2, 2020

Meet Jason and Barbara Kafka of Checkerberry Farm in Parkman, Maine. They grow MOFGA-certified organic vegetables, herbs, cut flowers and seedlings, which they wholesale to Whole Foods, Fedco, Good Shepherd Food Bank, Crown of Maine, and other MOFGA-certified organic farms. Jason grows organically because, as he says, "we always have. It just seemed the sensible thing to do." Due to the circumstances, the Kafkas will sell seedlings from their farm this year instead of at the Fedco Tree sale (which has been canceled for 2020). Beginning on May 7 and into June, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (or by appointment), the farm will be open for purchase and pickup of its organic seedlings. Jason wishes resilience for everyone and urges us to remember that "we are all in this together!”


Meet Angie Trombley and Kyle DePietro of Tarbox Farm on Westport Island

March 26, 2020

Meet Angie Trombley and Kyle DePietro of Tarbox Farm on Westport Island. They produce a diverse variety of MOFGA-certified organic vegetables, culinary herbs, cut flowers, hops, strawberries, blueberries and cranberries. They sell to restaurants and natural food stores in their area, as well as at the Bath Farmers' Market. They also have a CSA, which runs as a credit program for pickup at the Bath Farmers’ Market, and this summer they plan to sell produce directly from their farm. Trombley says that growing organically isn't even a question for them. They deeply believe in leaving the land better than they found it. Find Tarbox Farm and its brewery, Sasanoa Brewing, at