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Meet Cassie Seawell and Michael Saucier of Leaf & Caul in Washington

Photo courtesy of Leaf & Caul

Photo courtesy of Leaf & Caul

July 23, 2020

Meet Cassie Seawell and Michael Saucier of Leaf & Caul in Washington, Maine. This restoration-minded livestock farm raises animals (organically fed, forest-raised pork and MOFGA-certified organic chicken and eggs) on forage and organic grain in managed pastures and woods. Asked why organic production is important to them, Cassie explained, "We are committed to diversified, holistic, organic production as a means of repairing the damage to our soil ecosystems." They value using manure and grazing as part of their organic principles and practices to improve soil health, which in turn produces healthy animals. Find Leaf & Caul products at the Belfast Co-op, Bahner Farm, Daybreak Growers Alliance, Farmers' Gate Market, Maine Street Meats or at the farm (after contacting them). Learn more on its website and on Facebook (Leaf & Caul) and Instagram (@leafandcaul). Look for the MOFGA-certified logo where you shop.

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