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24 Servings



Vegetable cooking spray

12 eggs (at room temperature)                

6 cups (60 oz) veggies, cooked*                                                     

6 cups (24 oz) Cheddar cheese, shredded, low-fat*                                

2 cups flour, all purpose                                                                                 

2 cups flour, whole wheat*                                                                           

4 cups milk, low-fat*                                                                                     

1tablespoon baking powder                                                                                     




Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and spray a large hotel pan with cooking spray.

Prepare the veggies. Beat eggs.  Mix together flours with baking powder and add to eggs.  Add milk and seasonings.

Stir in veggies and cheese. Bake until set and lightly browned, about 45-60 minutes. Cut into 24 pieces and serve.


Nutritional analysis per serving (approximate, varies with filling):  191 calories, 16 grams protein, 21 grams carbohydrates, 5 grams fat (0 grams trans fat), 279 mg. sodium, 3 grams fiber. 


USDA School Lunch Guidelines: ¼ cup dark green or orange veggie, 1 serving protein, ½ ounce whole grain


*Seasonal Ingredient Suggestions


MAY/JUNE:  fiddleheads, spinach, kale, asparagus

Fiddleheads:  blanch fiddleheads in boiling water to kill bacteria.  Drain and roughly chop, drain again.  Season with garlic powder, chopped chives, chopped parsley.

Spinach: Steam spinach and chop.  Drain thoroughly.  Season with garlic powder, chopped chives, chopped parsley.

Kale: Coat kale with olive oil and roast in 400 degree oven.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper and garlic powder.  Chop.  Season with chopped herbs, dried basil.

Asparagus:  Steam asparagus and cut into pieces.  Season with chopped chives, chopped parsley.


JULY/AUGUST: summer squash & zucchini, peppers, tomatoes

Summer squash & zucchini: Grate squash.  Cook to remove moisture and drain.  Season with garlic scapes, chopped basil, chopped peppers, fresh herbs.

Peppers: Add chopped peppers to greens like spinach, use with summer squash, use with chopped tomatoes, season with taco seasonings for a Mexican menu.

Tomatoes:  chop and drain.  Season with fresh basil.  Use equal parts of goat cheese and cheddar cheese.  Season with chopped fresh basil, chopped fresh garlic.


SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER: sweet corn, eggplant, broccoli

Sweet corn: cook corn and scrape from cob.  Season with chopped fresh parsley, chives, basil.  Add chopped peppers for color.

Eggplant: Roast eggplants in 400 degree oven.  Scrape skin from flesh.  Season with chopped parsley, oregano, chopped garlic.

Broccoli:  May use cooked or steamed broccoli.  Chop if needed.  Season with fresh or dried basil, thyme, parsley, chopped garlic.  Chopped peppers add nice color.


NOVEMBER/DECEMBER: leeks, squash, frozen veggies

Leeks:  Cut leeks in half.  Wash thoroughly.  Slice into rings.  Coat with olive oil and roast in 400 degree oven.  Season with dried herbs or garlic.

Winter squash: Fold mashed winter squash or pumpkin into batter.  Season with thyme and sage.


JANUARY/APRIL: roasted roots, frozen veggies

Roasted roots: Serve Maple Roasted Roots earlier in the week, cooking extra for this pie.  Chop roasted roots and add to batter.  Season lightly.           


Aroostook wheat, Maine milk and Maine cheese are available all year.

For updates to these recipes and/or to include comments and input from your test results, please contact:

Cheryl Wixson, cheryl@mofga.org

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