"The history of every Nation is eventually written in the way in which it cares for its soil."
- Franklin D Roosevelt. Signing the Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act.
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Annual Meeting of MOFGA Members
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
at the Maine Agricultural Trades Show
Augusta Civic Center
1:30 p.m. in the Piscataquis/Sagadahoc Room

• Hear MOFGA program reports and results of MOFGA's strategic planning efforts
• Vote on a proposed change to MOFGA's mission, described below
• Vote on a proposed roster for the 2017 board of directors

Message from MOFGA President Alice Percy

Nearly two years ago MOFGA embarked on a comprehensive strategic planning process. MOFGA has grown dramatically since acquiring the Common Ground Education Center in 1996. This growth has been, appropriately, organic in its nature: new projects, buildings, committees, chapters and staff have appeared as conditions fostered their growth. Eventually growth demands self-reflection. With a relatively new and very enthusiastic executive director at our helm and ever-present ambition from all our programs and committees to do more for our members, we knew it was time for MOFGA to dig deep and ask itself some very basic questions. Who are we? What do we believe in? What world is MOFGA trying to build? How are we going to get there?

We made every effort to involve all of our constituents in answering these questions by hosting open meetings, issuing a survey and welcoming ideas by phone and email. As our new proposed mission statement says, we are a broad-based community – a community of many voices. The process of answering these questions included debate and compromise. Yet above all we are a community with shared values and purpose: Ultimately, on the basis of all the voices we heard, the board approved with overwhelming support the proposed mission statement below. This statement sharpens and clarifies MOFGA's purpose, offers an easier mouthful for those of us wanting a simple way to explain MOFGA to neighbors and friends, and informs the strategic plan we created to guide MOFGA's road forward. We thank everyone who participated.

MOFGA's mission statement is part of the organization's bylaws. Changes to the bylaws happen only with the approval of the membership. MOFGA members should consider the current and proposed mission statements and come to MOFGA's meeting on January 10 to vote.

MOFGA's current mission statement: The purpose of the Association is to help farmers and gardeners: grow organic food, fiber and other crops; protect the environment; recycle natural resources; increase local food production; support rural communities; and illuminate for consumers the connection between healthful food and environmentally sound farming practices.

New mission statement proposed by MOFGA's board of directors: The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association is a broad-based community that educates about and advocates for organic agriculture, illuminating its interdependence with a healthy environment, local food production, and thriving communities.


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