"A patent on seeds is a patent on freedom. "
- Ka Memong Patayan
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Radio Interviews

The MOFGA-El Salvador Sistering Committee has been interviewed on WERU-FM (which is sistered with Radio Sumpul in El Salvador) several times. To listen to these programs, search “MOFGA El Salvador” at http://archives.weru.org.

Delegation Reports

We report on our delegations and on other work of our committee in The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener (The MOF&G). Here are feature stories about our work:

MOFGA's Salvadoran Sisters Address Food, Water, Environmental and Social Issues, Summer 2017 MOF&G

MOFGA-El Salvador Sistering Committee – 15 Years of Solidarity, Winter 2016-2017 MOF&G

Power to the Swarm, Winter 2016-2017 MOF&G

Strong Interest in Local Organic Foods in El Salvador, Summer 2015

The Fight for Sustainable Agriculture in El Salvador, Spring 2015 MOF&G

MOFGA Hosts Salvadoran Delegation, Winter 2012-2013 MOF&G

Optimism in El Salvador, Fall 2010 MOF&G

Another Successful Exchange with El Salvador Herman@s, Summer 2007 MOF&G

Dyeing with Indigo, Summer 2006 MOF&G

Third MOFGA Delegation to El Salvador, or, Maine Organic Coffee Growers Travel to El Salvador, Summer 2005 MOF&G

The Challenges to Food Security Posed by Neoliberal Globalization, Winter 2003-2004 MOF&G (Juvelina Palma’s keynote speech at the Common Ground Country Fair)

MOFGA’s Herman@s: Let’s Create Our Own Free Trade Agreements, Winter 2003-2004 MOF&G

MOFGA Members Have Productive Visit to El Salvador ‘Sister’ Farms, Summer 2003 MOF&G

The Struggle for Agricultural Sustainability, Fall 2002 MOF&G



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