"The soil is, as a matter of fact, full of live organisms. It is essential to conceive of it as something pulsating with life, not as a dead or inert mass."
- Albert Howard, The Soil and Health, 1947
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Throughout the year, MOFGA hosts hundreds of meetings, workshops, conferences, dinners, and festive gatherings. Many take place at our Common Ground Education Center in Unity, Maine. And many more happen at farms, businesses, and other venues throughout the state. We maintain a comprehensive Calendar of Events on MOFGA.org related to farming, gardening and environmentally friendly living Maine and the Northeast. You can read or download a PDF of our 2016 events here (11"x17"). Download or read our 2017 events calendar here (8.5"x11").

Following are links to some of our major annual events.


MOFGA Day at the Agricultural Trades Show and
MOFGA Annual Meeting – January 10-12, 2017

Organic Grower Meetings
Beginning Beekeeping – February 11, 2017
Advanced Business Planning
  Spring Growth Conference – March 4, 2017
Organic Orcharding: Pruning – March 11
Farm Labor Models in Practice

Organic Orcharding: Renovating Old Trees – March 25, 2017
Seed Swap & Scion Exchange – March 26, 2017
Grow Your Own Organic Garden – April 6-9, 2017
Organic Orcharding: Grafting – April 8, 2017
Kitchen Licensing Workshop
Conservation Farm Tours
Organic Orcharding 101 – April 15, 2017
Earth Day Work Day and
Planting Day at the Maine Heritage Orchard
Empty Bowl Supper hosted by the
MOFGA-El Salvador Sistering Committee
 Organic Farming: Principles and Practices
Farm Training Project Workshops – Weekly
Farm & Homestead Day at MOFGA – June 17, 2017
Organic Orcharding: Summer Care – June 24, 2017
Farm Training Project Workshops – Weekly
Poultry Processing Workshop – July 6, 2017
Farm Training Project Workshops – Weekly
Organic Orcharding: Bud Grafting – August 5, 2017
Maine Axe and Saw Meetup Weekend – August 19, 2017
Farm Training Project Workshops – Weekly
Common Ground Country Fair – September 22-24, 2017
Nose to Tail Pork Processing – October 7-9, 2017
Great Maine Apple Day – October 15, 2017
Farmer to Farmer Conference – November 3-5, 2017
Low Impact Forestry – November 16-19, 2017
Chainsaw & Forestry Safety – November 17-18, 2017
Kitchen Licensing Workshop – December 8, 2016

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