"A patent on seeds is a patent on freedom. "
- Ka Memong Patayan
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  A Hands-on Skill Sharing Event


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June 13, 2015


The 2014 Schedule of Activities

10 am: Bee Hive Cleaning
10 am: Rabbit Care & Maintenance
11 am: Bee Hive Assembly
11 am: Tanning Rabbit Hides
1 pm: Pollarding for Livestock
1 pm: Building a Rabbit Feeder from a No. 10 Can
1 pm: Bee Smokers & Grease Patties

9 am: Quick Overview: Make a Rocket Stove
9 am: Make a Solar Cooker
9 am: Make Pollinator/Bee Nest Boxes
9 am - noon: Make and Cook on No. 10 Can Cooker
9 am - noon: Construct a Wood Duck Nesting Box
10 am: Make a Solar Cooker
11 am: Make a Solar Cooker
1 pm: Make a Rocket Stove
1 pm - 2:30 pm: Build a Bluebird Nesting Box
2 pm: Make Pollinator/Bee Nest Boxes
On Going: Build a Common Throne
On Going: Garden Cart Construction
On Going: Build a Bike Trailer
On Going: Build a Coffin
On Going: Build a Solar Dehydrator

Children of All Ages
10 am - 11:30 am: Paper Making
11 am - noon: Plant a Pizza Garden
1 pm - 3 pm: Make a Sunflower Baby Necklace
On Going: Making Paper Pots for Transplanting

Fiber Arts
9 am: Sandwich & Bind a Quilt
9 am - noon: Make Draw String Bags with Treadle Sewing Machines
9 am - noon: Rug Hooking
10 am: Hand Applique Quilting
11 am: Hand Quilting
1 pm - 3 pm: Drop in Knitting
1 pm - 3 pm: Make & Use a Drop Spindle
2 pm: Hand Weaving
2 pm: Making Cord with a Lucet
On Going: Make a No-sew Feed Bag Tote Bag
On Going: Spinning with a Drop Spindle
On Going: Drum Carding Wool
On Going: Earthloom Weaving

Food Preparation
9 am - noon: Bake Bread in an Earth Oven
9 am - 10:30 am: Sea Vegetables for Taste & Nutrition
10 am: Carpathian-style Cheese Making
10 am: Foraging for Wild Foods
10:30 am: Rocket Stove Cooking
10:30 am - noon: Sea Vegetables for Taste & Nutrition
10:30 am: Graze the Garden for a Salad
11:30 am: Bean Hole Bean Parade
12:30 pm: Churn Ice Cream
2 pm: Carpathian-style Cheese Making
2 pm: Make Kimchi

9 am: Living with Lyme
10 am: Natural Medicine Travel Kit
10 am: Managing Herbs for Season Long Harvest
11 am: Making & Using Flower Essences
1 pm: Kinesiology Testing with Herbs

Joe Dupere Skill Share
9 am - noon: Bucking Firewood Using Hand Saws
1 pm - 3 pm: Sharpening Garden & Hand Tools

9 am: Pest Management
10 am: Fruit Thinning
1 pm: Understory Management
1 pm - 3 pm: Late Spring Orchard Care

11am - noon: Hills to Sea Trail Hike
On Going: Blacksmithing: Forging Farm & Homestead Implements
On Going: Plant Share

7 am: Early Morning Mowing
10 am: Blade Maintenance
2 pm: Haying with Horses
On Going: Mowing with Scythes



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