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May - September 2017

Designed to augment the on-farm learning of the farm apprenticeship program, MOFGA’s Farm Training Project (FTP) workshops follow an informal format, usually beginning with a farm tour followed by a presentation on the topic of the day. Participants are invited to stay for a potluck supper – bring a dish or something fresh from the farm to share (please bring your own place setting as well). All events are held rain or shine and are free and open to the public. For more information or directions to any of the workshops, call 568-6018, email education@mofga.org or check this webpage.


WEDNESDAY, MAY 17 and THURSDAY, MAY 18 at MOFGA's Common Ground Education Center

Free for MOFGA apprentices! Registration required. REGISTER HERE
Join Eric Sideman, Dave Colson, Diane Schivera, and Rick Kersbergen for a two-day introductory course to organic farming. Register for either or both days, lunch will be provided. Day one with Eric, organic crop specialist, and Dave, agricultural services director, will cover the fundamentals of organic vegetable farming. Eric and Dave will cover soils, pests and diseases, and weeds. Day two with Diane, organic livestock specialist, Rick Kersbergen, University of Maine Extension, and a panel of livestock farmers will cover the fundamentals of organic livestock husbandry, production systems and pasture management.

Wednesday, May 31 – 5pm at Villageside Farm, Freedom

Join Polly and Prentice at Villageside Farm for a social gathering to kick off the FTP season. You’ll learn about communication skills that will improve your experience as an apprentice this season. We look forward to seeing you there! Potluck to follow.

Wednesday, May 24 – 5pm at Crystal Spring Farm, Brunswick
Join farmer Seth Kroeck, staff from MOFGA, and University of Maine Cooperative Extension Professional Jason Lilley for an introduction to basic farm equipment anatomy, safe operation, and maintenance. We’ll cover tractor operation and safety; attaching, adjusting, and operating farm implements; and basic preventative lubrication and maintenance.

Thursday, June 15 – 6pm at Dooryard Farm, Camden
Farmer Cooper Funk and Mark Hutchinson of Knox-Lincoln Cooperative Extension will discuss types of cover crops, pros and cons of each and programs to help with crop rotation on your farm. Potluck to follow. Co-sponsored by Maine Coast Heritage Trust and Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District (rain date June 15).

Wednesday, June 21 – 5pm at Milkhouse Farm, Monmouth
Caitlin Frame and Andy Smith raise a MOFGA certified organic dairy herd, laying hens and pigs. At the Milkhouse we graze 24/7 in the growing season (as weather and re growth allows), utilizing rotational grazing methods to increase soil fertility, maximize yields from the land, and manage fly & other pest pressure on the herd. We'll discuss how different age groups of cows can be used in different areas of the farm depending on the specific needs of the land, how we use pigs to renovate pastures, and where chickens come into play on our farm. We'll also discuss our plans for summer silvapasture for cows and pigs. Come learn how we make our system work!

Thursday, July 27 – at Goranson Farm, Dresden
Weed control is a primary challenge in organic farming systems. This workshop will offer ecological and cultural approaches to weed management with University of Maine Cooperative Extension Professional Jason Lilley, University of Maine Professor Eric Gallandt, and farmer expertise from Carl Goranson. Potluck to follow.

Effective ecological pest control starts with a farm system design based on the fundamental principles of diversity and complexity. Join Dave Colson, MOFGA’s Agricultural Services Director, for a comprehensive perspective on managing pests in organic vegetable systems. Potluck to follow.

Wednesday, August 16 – 5pm at New Beat Farm, Knox
Using animals for draft power has a number of economic, environmental and social benefits; but it is not easy. Sandy Meadow Farm relies on draft power for all aspects of their operation – from tillage to haying to woods work. Come learn the basics of this genuinely solar-based system of farming. Potluck to follow.

Wednesday, August 30 – 5pm at Hidden Valley Nature Center, Jefferson
Woodlots are a ubiquitous, and essential part of farms in Maine. Whether the forest provides a heat source for your home and greenhouse, vital habitat for pollinators, foraging potential for livestock, maple syrup, or lumber for your buildings it must be managed with skill and vision. Hidden Valley Nature Center manages 1,000+ acres of forest for diverse purposes and you're invited to tour a portion of their activity with HVNC Director Andy Bezon. This workshop will emphasize the need for creativity at the intersection of field and forest, as well as a look at innovative tools, equipment, and processes. HVNC works in collaboration with MOFGA's Low Impact Forestry Project and aims to promote the thoughtful and sustainable inclusion of forests into the future of farms in Maine. HVNC was named the 2014 Outstanding Tree Farm in Maine. Potluck to follow.

TBD – 5pm Toddy Pond Farm, Monroe
In recent decades, many small dairy farms have had to 'get big or get out' as the rising cost of operating a small scale, pasture based dairy has grown beyond economic sustainability. In order to become profitable, many producers have gotten creative—by diversification, value-added production, and innovative marketing strategies. Toddy Pond Farm is a small, diversified, family-run dairy operation of grass-fed jersey and gurnsey cows in Monroe. Come see how farmers Greg and Heidi Purinton-Brown have designed the business model of the farm to ensure long term economic sustainability. They produce yogurt, kefir, cheese, and ice cream, along with honey, sheep, guinea hogs, meat chickens and eggs. Learn about their marketing strategies for this diversified operation and how the different aspects of the farm compliment each other. Potluck to follow.

TBD – 5pm Seven Tree Farm, Vassalboro
Roberta Bailey of Fedco Seeds operates Seven Tree Farm, 18 acres with three field plots an orchard and grape arbor and many fruit and berry plantings. The farm also includes a solar house, root cellar, and many post and beam buildings, including a new barn and woodworking shop. The focus of their operation is to grow much of our food and to raise commercial seed crops on a small farm scale. Seed crops can work well with the home garden or the field production gardens, further diversifying a farm operation's income and securing seed supply in some situations. The talk will focus on interplanting seed crops in your gardens or field plots, using the by-products of the crop for food production or value added products to sell, and on basic seed saving and plant genetics, crop nutrition, rotations, isolations, and how to harvest and dry seed. The talk will cover biennials such as beets and carrots as well.

Wednesday, September 13 – 5pm at Old Wells Farm, Limington
MOFGA estimates that Maine needs about 150 new farmers each year just to maintain the infrastructure required to support our local food system – so every new farm operation in Maine is a reason to celebrate! But, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get started in farming. Join Dylan and Alaena, along with several of MOFGA’s current Journeypersons, as they share their insights and enthusiasm about how they are managing their first few years farming independently. Several key service providers will also discuss how their programs can help. If you are considering farming for a living, please come and contribute to this important discussion. Potluck to follow.

Common Ground Country Fair
FFriday, September 22 - Sunday, September 24
MOFGA's Common Ground Education Center, Unity
If you’ve ever been to the Fair, you know – and if you haven’t been, anyone who has will tell you – it's an event like no other, that brings together so many people from so many walks of life, all in the spirit of celebrating the rural and agricultural traditions of Maine. Volunteer shifts of four hours or more gain you free one-day admission, a meal, one night of camping and a Fair t-shirt.



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