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2003-2004 Winter Fair News

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Thanks for Another Great Fair
2003 Fair Winners
Exhibition Hall Prizes
Food Area Ribbons
Donkey and Mule Show
Fleece Show Results
Livestock Awards
Oxen Scooting
SPA Awards
5K Foot Race Results
Common Kitchen 2003

Thanks for Another Great Fair!

The Common Ground Country Fair is more than a Maine tradition; it is a yearly trip to a vision of the world as it could be, and certainly as many who attend the Fair – myself included – would like it to be. It is our yearly fix of a wide assortment of ideas that we can ponder and work with until the next Fair. Once again the Fair illustrated and demonstrated opportunities to learn how we can incorporate sustainable living practices in our own lives. Roughly 45,000 fairgoers enjoyed the Fair. Vendors and demonstrators reported that the crowd was very participatory and engaged, making it one of the “best fairs ever” for them.

As always, additional coordinators for some key areas can spread the work during the year and during the Fair. I am sad when I hear that area coordinators didn’t get out and enjoy the Fair. If you would like to become more involved with the Fair Planning Team, please let us know your favorite area and we’ll let you know how you can help.

Being the Fair director, watching the transformation that takes place at MOFGA and working directly with the volunteers who make the Fair happen each year is an honor. Thank you for all your work at the Fair and during the whole year leading up to the next Fair. The 2004 Fair dates are September 24, 25 and 26, so mark your calendars now! I look forward to working with you to plan next year’s Fair.

– Barbara Luce, Fair Director

Blue-ribbon Crochet
Jean English photo

Fair Winners!

2003 Exhibition Hall Prizes

354 1st Place Ribbons
333 1st Place Certificates
15 Judges Awards ($150.00 total)
303 2nd Place Ribbons
298 2nd Place Certificates
95 3rd Place Certificates
60 Participation Ribbons
No Quilt Premium


Judges Awards

Winter Squash: Tom Vigue from Sidney with ‘Futta Black’ winter squash
Fruits: Tom Vigue from Sidney with hardy kiwi (Mich. State)
Beans: Tom Vigue from Sidney with ‘True Cranberry’ dry pole bean
Carrots: Janet Winslow from Union with ‘Danvers 126’
Cauliflower: Troy Howard Middle School with ‘Snow Crown’
Tomatoes: Amy LeBlanc from E. Wilton with ‘Costoluto Genovese,’ and Peter Garrett from Winslow with ‘Garden Peach’
Potato: Diane Wheeler from Winslow with ‘Huckleberry’
Dried Foods: Aquaterra Farm From Jackson with ‘Ten Fingers of Naples’
Dried Flowers: Amy LeBlanc from E. Wilton
Pumpkin: Monique Blais from New Sharon with ‘Long Island Cheese’ pumpkin
Crafts: Sylvia Hachey from Dixmont with Crocheted Ecru Lunch Cloth
Paintings: Larry Dockins from Thorndike with “Attention Please”
Photo: Stephen Crowe from Smithfield with “two yellow kayaks @ Curtis Island, Camden, Maine”
Eggs: David Manski from Bar Harbor with one dozen brown eggs from Dominique & Delaware heirloom chickens
Largest Zucchini: Anne Warner from Dixmont with a 20-pounder
Largest Cabbage: Herbert Birch from Coopers Mills
Children’s Apple Pie Contest Winners:
Sean Oshima, Whitefield, age 9, with his “Star Apple Pie”
Sky Critchfield, S. Casco, age 12, with her “Sky’s Apple Pie”


Food Area Ribbons

With comments by our extraordinary food judge, Andrew Marshall, in quotes!
Best of Show: John’s Ice Cream — Mint Ice Cream – “delightful”
Best New Food: Hub’s Thrill of the Grill/MR BBQ – Pork BBQ sandwich – “tasty & sumptuous”
Best Dessert: Pie Cones ™ — Strawberry Cheesecake – “yum”
Best Vegetarian Food: Peace — Vegetable Lo Mein – “sublime”
Honorable Mention: Orr’s Island Seafood Chowder — “I know I’m back in Maine.”


Donkey & Mule Show

The first Common Ground Country Fair Donkey and Mule show was held the afternoon of September 19, 2003, and was judged by Ansley Newton. Donkey entrants were Jenny and Chocolate Mousse, owned by the Stinsons; and Twilight, Jill and Tigger, owned by Claire Wallace. (Tigger is an adopted Bureau of Land Management wild burro.) The mule entrants were Molasses and Brown Sugar, owned by Claire Wallace; and Indiana Jones, owned by Jackie Perkins.
Donkey Halter Class
1. Chocolate Mousse, shown by Amanda Stinson
2. Jill, shown by Henrietta Beaufait
3. Jenny, shown by Ramona Stinson
4. Twilight, shown by Claire Wallace
5. Tigger, shown by Claire Wallace
Mules under 48"
1. Molasses, shown by Claire Wallace
Mules over 48"
1. Indiana Jones, shown by Jackie Perkins

Donkey Coon Jumping

Coon Jumping originated in the southern United States, where raccoons were hunted with dogs and followed by riders mounted mainly on small mules, which could get through the brush and rough terrain more easily than a larger mount. When a fence was encountered, the rider dismounted and placed his coat or a blanket over the wire (to make it more visible), slipped through the fence, the mule jumped over it, and the rider got back on until the next fence. “Coon Jumping” generally came to mean jumping an animal that was led, and is often a way for a young or small donkey or mule to participate in a performance class (and is good exercise for the handler!)
1. Tigger, led by Claire Wallace
2. Jenny, led by Jesica Stinson
3. Twilight, led by Henrietta Beaufait
4. Chocolate Mousse, led by Amanda Stinson

Mule Coon Jumping
1. Molasses, led by Claire Wallace
2. A tie between Indiana Jones, ridden by Jackie Perkins (except for their last attempt, when she led him), and Brown Sugar, led by Henrietta Beaufait

Obstacle Course, Ridden, Driven or Led
Twilight, driven by Claire Wallace; Jenny, driven by Jesica Stinson; Chocolate Mousse, driven by Amanda Stinson; Indiana Jones, ridden by Jackie Perkins; Brown Sugar, led by Claire Wallace, and Jenny and Mousse, driven as a team by Amanda and Jesica all were awarded firsts. This course had 4 obstacles: over the crossrails, through flags in small buckets and then backing up straight back through them, over a tarp between two saw horses, and over a piece of plywood. Using only the first two obstacles, the last class was:
Timed Obstacle Course
1 Brown Sugar, led by Claire Wallace (34 seconds)
2 Jenny and Chocolate Mousse, driven as a team by Jesica and Amanda Stinson (1 minute)


Fleece Show Results
Colored Fleece:
1st Joe Miller
2nd Joe Miller
3rd Amy Burkstead
1st – no first
2nd Elaine Cloutier
3rd Joe Miller
1st Elaine Cloutier
2nd Judy Kirt
3rd Judy Kirt
1st Joe Miller
2nd Elaine Cloutier
3rs Donna Kausen
Dual Coated:
1st Elieen Homoleski
2nd Lyn Terranova
No White Show – lack of entries


Livestock Awards

Most Educational Livestock Exhibits:
Dwaine & Tammy Chase
Cathleen Simmons
Most Attractive Livestock Exhibits:
Small’s Dairy Farm, The Stinson Family
Orchard Hill Farm, The Maynard Family
Special Friend of the Fair:
Steve Norton: Assistance with Oxen Demos


Oxen Scooting

Outstanding Teamster of the Fair was Kathy Littlefield with Roscoe & Hiram
Place Name Team Name time hits inches total
1st Tammy Chase Amos & Andy 3:50 2 3 5
2nd Kathy Littlefield Roscoe & Hiram 3:46 1 5 6
3rd Patrick Shea Pete & Sam 3:46 3 21 24
4th Pat Chadwick Tom & Jack 8:25 4 60 64
1st Jonathan Daniels Thunder & Lightening 3:14 1 4 5
2nd Dwaine Chase Salt & Pepper 5:12 2 11 13
3rd Rod Jennings Tom & Jerry 2:54 4 16 20
1st Greg Baker Bud & Charlie 5:30 3 3 6
2nd David Littlefield Ike & Spike 3:38 4 2 6
3rd Wes Daniels Sparky & Jerry 3:19 3 13 16

Place Name Team Name time hits inches total
1st Tammy Chase Amos & Andy 4:26 2 4 6
2nd Kathy Littlefield Roscoe & Hiram 3:49 2 10 12
3rd Patrick Shea Pete & Sam 3:41 6 18 24
4th Pat Chadwick Tom & Jack 2:12 5 26 31
1st Dwaine Chase Salt & Pepper 4:26 0 2 2
2nd Matt Farley Lion & Tiger 4:04 0 4 4
3rd Rod Jennings Tom & Jerry 2:54 0 8 8
4th Patty Staples Duke & Tiger 4:04 3 8 11
1st David Littlefield Ike & Spike 3:40 0 1 1
2nd Wes Daniels Sparky & Jerry 4:09 3 0 3
3rd Jonathan Daniels Thunder & Lightening 3:30 4 3 7
4th Greg Baker Bud & Charlie 3:41 3 16 18

Place Name Team Name time hits inches total
1st Pat Chadwick Tom & Jack 2:58 3 1 4
2nd Kathy Littlefield Roscoe & Hiram 3:30 0 7 7
3rd Tammy Chase Amos & Andy 3:39 3 11 14
4th Walter Shea Pete & Sam 3:39 8 23 31
1st Dwaine Chase Salt & Pepper 5:52 1 2 3
2nd Rodney Jennings Tom & Jerry 2:51 3 2 5
3rd Patty Stables Duke & Tiger 4:13 0 6 6
4th Matt Farley Lion & Tiger 3:09 4 4 8
1st David Littlefield Spike & Ike 3:31 2 0 2
2nd Greg Baker Bud & Charlie 2:59 3 2 5
3rd Jonathan Daniels Thunder & Lightening 3:38 4 2 6
4th Wes Daniels Sparky & Jerry 3:41 3 18 21


Social Political Action Area

Best Educational Booth: MOFGA/El Salvador Project
Most Attractive Booth: Maine Council of Churches
Friend of the Fair: AFL/CIO