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Thanks to 2009 Common Kitchen Donors

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John and Mary Belding and Will Bonsall
John and Mary Belding and Will Bonsall enjoying a meal served to volunteers by the Common Kitchen at the Fair. English photo.

What a fantastic Fair! Records were broken all over the place, both in attendance and in the Common Kitchen. At Saturday night’s supper, we served over 600; at Sunday’s breakfast, 280; and Thursday is now the new Friday as we served almost 300 at dinner. In total the Common Kitchen served 4,400 meals from setup through breakdown.

Sourcing food gets easier and easier as the number of certified farmers grows.

If we forgot anyone’s name or you didn’t fill out a donor slip at the kitchen, please let the office know and we will correct the error. If anyone would like to join the list of donors who support the Fair’s Common Kitchen and other MOFGA events with a donation of food, please contact the office or email Bill Whitman at

Thank you to all who donated to the 2009 Common Kitchen!

A&B Naturals (rice)
Alternative Market
AMS Popcorn (popcorn)
Amy’s (pizza, burgers, soups, beans, frozen meals)
Androscoggin Apple
Annie’s Homegrown (mac and cheese)
Applegate Farms (hot dogs)
Associated Buyers (transporting donations, and tortilla shells)
Atlantic Baking Company (bread)
Aurora Mills
Aurora Provisions (pasta)
Avena Botanicals
Axis Natural Foods (lima beans, kidney beans)
Barnes & Barnes Organic Dairy
Bath Natural Market (vinegar)
Beau Chemin Farm
Belfast Co-op Store (bulgur)
Big Sky (bread)
Bionaturae (pallet of canned tomatoes)
Black Locust Farm (goat sausage)
Blessed Maine Herb Farm
Blue Hill Co-op (sesame oil)
Blue Marble Brands (frozen corn and peas)
Bluebird Hill Farm
Bob’s Red Mill (flour, grain, nuts, baking needs—LOTS of stuff!)
Bowden Eggs (eggs)
Brae Maple Farm
Brightberry Farm
Broadturn Farm
Broken Acres Farm
Bud Farm
Caldwell Farm
Catania Spagna (organic oil and balsamic vinegar)
Celtic Sea Salt (salt)
Charles Hopkins
Checkerberry Farm
Common Folk Farm
Crofters (jams and spreads)
Crown of Maine (cheese, transportation, potatoes, vinegars, eggs)
Crystal Spring Community Farm
Curra Family Farm
Darthia Farm
Dave Studer
David Hilton
Double Bit Farm
Duck Trap (smoked salmon, shrimp and mussels)
El Camino Restaurant (soup)
Elaine Briggs
Emergen C (packets)
Endless Herbs (green split peas)
Fail Better Farm
Fare Share Market
Fiddler’s Green Farm
Fire Flower Garden
Fisher Farm
Flatbread Company (10 gallons pizza sauce)
Fresh off the Farm (beans)
Frontier Café (cheese)
Frontier Herbs (herbs and spices)
Full Circle Farm
Goffin Acres
Good Food Store (ginger root, cannellini beans)
Good Life Market (red wine vinegar, rice wine vinegar, molasses)
Good Tern (soy milk)
Goranson Farm
Gramps Farm
Grandy Oats Granola
Green Mountain Gringo (tortilla chips)
Half Moon Gardens
Hamilton Farm
Hampden Natural Foods (couscous, rice cakes, soy milk)
Happy Town Farm
Harry Brown’s Farm
Harvest Time Natural Foods (dates)
Haystack Mountain Farm
Henry & Marty’s Restaurant (grains, beans)
Hiewa Tofu (tofu)
Highland Farm Blueberries
Hoof n’ Paw Farm
Horizon Organic (butter)
Horsepower Farm
Intervale Farm (blueberries)
Jefferson Coop (beans, cider, eggs)
Jess Seafood Market (fish)
John Edward’s Market Inc. (oats)
Kelley Beef (ground beef)
Kettle (chips)
Kikkoman (soy sauce)
King Arthur (flour)
King Hill Farm
Kinney’s Sugarhouse
Lightlife (tempeh)
Little Falls Farm
Little Garlic Girl Farm
Living Earth Farm
Liz Lauer
Lundberg Family Farms (rice, chips and rice syrup)
Madhava (agave nectar)
Maple’s Organic Desserts (gelato)
Maria & Ricardo (tortillas)
Mary’s Gone Crackers (crackers)
Misty Meadows Farm
Moon Hill Farm
Morning Dew Natural Foods
Morning Glory Natural Foods (lemon juice)
Mother’s Mountain (mustard and ketchup)
Natural Living Center
Nature’s Choice (rice milk, sesame seeds, apricots, peanuts)
NeverDun Farm
New Elm Farm
New England Natural Bakers (granola)
New Leaf Farm
New Morning Natural Foods (millet, red lentils)
Nezinscot Farm
Once Again Nut Butter (assorted nut butters and nuts)
Organic Valley (cheese, meats, dairy products)
Painted Pepper Farm
Paolina’s Way (foccacia)
Papou’s Kitchen (falafel)
Pat n’ Mike’s Garden
Peacemeal Farm
Penny Hilton
Phoenix Farm
Port Clyde Seafood (fish)
Radlo Foods (eggs)
Ridgeside Farm
Ricker Hill Farm
Ron Desrosiers
Royal River Natural Foods (mayo, garbanzo beans, lemon juice, barley)
Sand Hill Farm
Schlotterbeck and Foss (sauces)
Seven Tree Farm
Shaw’s Wiscasset
Shore Road Farm
Smith Family Farm (yogurt)
Smith Farm
Snowy Hill Farm
Soy Boy (tofu)
Sparrow Arc Farm
Spice of Life (soy mayo, cider vinegar)
Spruce Bush Farm
Squire Tarbox Farm
Standard Baking Company (bread and olives)
State of Maine Cheese Company (150 pounds of cheese)
Stoneset Farm (blueberries)
Stonyfield Farm (yogurt)
Sue Szwed
Sun and Earth
The Apple Farm
Thirty Acre Farm (kimchi, sauerkraut and veggies)
Three Fold Farm
Tide Mill Farm (milk)
Tramps’ Rest
Treble Ridge Farm
True North Farm
UNFI (transporting donations)
Webb Family Farm
Western Waldo Coop (lemon juice, beans, lentils, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, raisins)
White Hill Farm
Willow Pond Farm
Wintergreen Farm