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2012 CGCF Poster

Volunteers Make an Impact at Common Ground

If you drove to the Fair last year, entering from the north, did you notice that a fee was no longer charged for parking in the first parking lot on Crosby Brook Road? And that without having to collect payment for that lot, traffic moved along better than in previous years? If you did park in the Crosby Lot (our name for the northern-most lot), did you get a ride toward the gate in a tractor shuttle? In 2011, MOFGA purchased this hayfield from our neighbor, Leigh Crosby, making all these improvements possible; but volunteers really made them happen.

That's a common refrain around the Fair: "Volunteers make it happen." Volunteers are actively involved in conceiving and managing every facet of the Fair. The new Young Maine area? It’s brought to us by volunteers of the Maine School Garden Network, particularly Nikkilee Carelton, who organized the exhibitors and talks there. The new Farmers' Market at the Pine Gate? That was no more than a good idea until Adrienne Lee of New Beat Farm stepped forward to coordinate it. Dennis Merrill had the directional arrow signs around the grounds made; Nancy Rosalie is responsible for the Common Thrones; and Bernie Desautels for the crosswalks on Crosby Brook Road.

The richness of the Fair reflects the individuals who volunteer their own ideas, insights, talents and efforts to the Fair to "make it happen." The inverse is true, too: "No volunteers, no it." For example, we didn't host the 5k foot race last year because we didn't have enough volunteer coordinators to manage it safely – but thanks to Michael Bunker, 2010 foot race winner and volunteer, we are planning to bring the race back.

If you have any interest in getting involved with planning and managing the Fair, many parts could use your help. To take a leadership role in any element of MOFGA's annual celebration, please contact April Boucher at the MOFGA office at or 207-568-4142.