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2011 Fair Scene
2011 Common Ground Fair scene. English photo.

Successful 35th Common Ground Country Fair
2011 Fair Steering Committee
Fleece Tent Has Another Banner Year
Fair Awards
2011 Common Kitchen Food Donors

Successful 35th Common Ground Country Fair

The forecast was dreary but the weather was marvelous, as is often the case in Maine, for the 35th Common Ground Country Fair. More than 59,000 fairgoers, vendors, exhibitors and volunteers enjoyed three warmer-than-usual late September days for MOFGA's big event.

We are grateful to all who made the Fair possible. Nearly 2,000 volunteers, more than 600 Maine farms and businesses and many, many more fairgoers from all walks of life and all corners of Maine joined with MOFGA to celebrate, share and enjoy the abundance of rural Maine. In turn, their support for local organic farms, for businesses fostering sustainability, and for gifted artisans strengthens those creating healthy and vibrant communities throughout Maine. These folks are your neighbors, and we hope you will seek and stay in touch with those you met at the Fair. To help you do so, we publish a directory of Fair participants (speakers, vendors, exhibitors, etc.) at under the Fair header (look for the page named Participants). If you would like to have a printed copy mailed to you, please contact the MOFGA office (568-4142).

If you enjoy Common Ground as a participant or fairgoer, imagine the wonder of being part of making it all happen. A remarkable community of volunteers brings us the Fair. I invite you to bring your own vision to the Fair by joining our planning team. We need volunteer help and offer in return a meaningful and deeply appreciated accomplishment. Those artful benches, the water-bottle filling stations, the common thrones, bicycle valet, garden parade, second farmers' market, Moving Planet celebration, the pocket park, herb gardens, and even the small directional signs pointing to various locations around the grounds – those are just a few of the inspiring ideas that volunteers have envisioned, designed and created for Common Ground. If you have an idea you want to carry, or perhaps an open interest in getting involved, we look forward to working with you.

Thank you to all. See you next year!

Jim Ahearne, Fair director


Correction: 2011 Fair Steering Committee

The Common Ground Country Fair Steering Committee members were listed incorrectly in the Sept.-Nov. issue of The MOF&G. We regret the error. Here’s the correct list, and another thanks for your great work:

Joe Auciello, Karen Barton, Eli Berry, John Belding, Mary Belding, Laurah Brown, Sam Brown, Vicky Burwell, Jeff Cotton, Patti Dowse, Anu Dudley, Rob Jones, Amy LeBlanc, Penelope Olson, Nancy Rosalie, Bill Whitman


Fleece Tent Has Another Banner Year

Sales for the Fleece Tent at MOFGA’s 35th Common Ground Country Fair were most gratifying: Sales totaled just under $11,600, with 313 “units” sold, representing almost 1,200 pounds of Maine fiber. Friday was (as always) our busiest day, with sales topping $6,600.

This is great news for the Fleece Tent committee and the 47 growers who had fiber in the sale this year. It confirms again that the Fleece Tent is truly a top destination for fiber lovers from Maine and beyond seeking the best of Maine fiber.

We had another fine fleece show on Saturday. Rae Reimer of Arundel served as our wool judge, fielding questions from observers and sharing her in-depth knowledge about wool with all. Kate Lathrop of Barre, Mass., served as our specialty fibers judge. She filled in at the last minute (for which we are most grateful!) for Carol Karsten of Antrim, New Hamphire, who was unable to be there due to a complicated birthing for one of her alpacas. Of the 26 show entries, the following received ribbons and premiums: Wool, First – Susan Faunce, Wanatha Garner, Joe Miller (3) and Susan Wilson; Wool, Second –Susan Faunce, Joe Miller and Susan Wilson; Wool, Third – Heidi Daly. Awards for Specialty Fibers were as follows: Alpaca, First – Stacey Whitton (2); Alpaca, Second – Stacey Whitton (2); Llama, Second – Karen Klein. All show participants received their judging forms with scores and judge’s comments.

Across the way the Wednesday Spinners tent had another busy, activity-filled weekend. The Maine Stoneworkers Guild’s pocket parket, home to the Wednesday Spinners dye-plant garden, was, in its second year, a great draw for fairgoers seeking a beautiful place to sit. The Garden LoomTM , a gift from Susan Barrett Merrill and Richard Merrill of Weaving a Life in Brooksville, Maine, attracted many fairgoers throughout the weekend. In keeping with the Fair’s focus on climate change this year, participants could write on strips of birch bark their commitment to help heal the earth. They then wove the strips into the day’s tapestry. The final tapestry was left for the birds and other friends for winter gleaning. We welcomed everyone’s creative additions to this year’s tapestries.

Add to these events a full schedule of well attended talks, demonstrations, hands-on workshops and informal discussions at the Fleece Tent and the Wednesday Spinners Tent, and we can happily say that the Wednesday Spinners celebrated our 34th year at the Fair in grand style.

Vendors in the Fiber Marketplace adjacent to the Fleece Tent reported brisk sales for the weekend. And as always, Dave Kennard and his border collies attracted large, enthusiastic crowds all three days of the Fair.

We encourage all Maine fiber growers to consider being part of the fleece sale and show next year. To be added to our growers’ email group or to obtain information about the 2012 sale and show, please contact Penelope Olson at 785-2784 (Appleton) or

– Penelope Olson


Joanna Linden and Gene Frey
Joanna Linden and Gene Frey at the Fedco booth, which won judges' awards for the best agricultural business booth and the most educational booth at the Fair. English photo.
‘Polar Bear’ pumpkin
Prize-winning ‘Polar Bear’ pumpkin, grown by Sienna Mazone and Renan Moguel of Dresden. English photo.
Summer’s End bouquet
Summer’s End bouquet by Mary Louise and Town Jaqua of Winslow won a judges' award in the Exhibition Hall. English photo.

2011 Fair Awards

Food Vendor Awards

Best Beverage – chai from Chaiwallah of Maine

That’s Some Different – blood juice from Sunweaver

Tradition – crabroll from Yogi’s Traveling Kitchen

Best Bite for Buck – burger and fries from Caldwell Farm

Best Maine Made – ice cream from Island Cow Ice Cream

First Impression – Tic Tac Taco

Taste Not Trash – Pie Cones

Where’s the Beef? (vegetarian) – Lemongrass & Jasmine

Where’s the Cheese? (vegan) – squash soup from Local Sprouts

Better than Chocolate (dessert) – ice cream from Island Cow

Best Gluten Free – Tic Tac Taco

Best Fresh & Simple – Beetroot Kitchen

Best in Show – Flatbread

Agricultural Products Awards

Best Family Farm – Common Folk Farm Herbs, Naples

Best Agricultural Business – FEDCO, Waterville

Most Fairgoer Friendly – Maine Cheese Guild, Appleton

Most Educational – FEDCO, Waterville

Fiber Marketplace Award

Best Display – Kelly Corbett, Romney Ridge Farm, Woolwich

Exhibition Hall Judges Awards

‘Ficifolia Fig Leaf’ squash, Amy LeBlanc , E. Wilton

Chopped Tomatoes in Puree, Amy LeBlanc, E. Wilton

Apricot Orange Marmalade, Ann Jackson and Katie Healy, Fairfield

Potted Rosemary, Elizabeth Wheeler, S. Portland

Lentils, Andrew Slayman, Alna

‘Luscious’ bicolor corn, Christine Gavitt, Thorndike

‘Polar Bear’ pumpkin, Sienna Mazone and Renan Moguel, Dresden

‘Jardiniere’ vegetable pickle, Emily Thielman, Portland

‘Canela’ potatoes, Janica and Jim Kanzler, Newburgh

Summer’s End bouquet, Mary Louise and Town Jaqua, Winslow

Rosemary, Troy Howard Middle School, Belfast

Garlic Braid, Roberta Bailey, Vassalboro

Light Brown Leghorn quilt
This Light Brown Leghorn male by Ida Berge of Cushing won a judges' award. English photo.

Painting, “Kittery and the Model A,” Amy J. Gagnon, Benton

Cardoon, perennials bouquet, Sharon Turner, Washington

‘King Richard’ leeks, Susan and Peter Curra , Knox

‘Carmen’ pepper, Adam Tomash ,W. Gardiner

Felted foxes, Carolyn Maruhig, Montville

Counted thread shawl, Anne Dill, Wiscasset

Felted winter landscape, Marty Elkin, Sumner

Fabric art: Light brown leghorn male, Ida Berge, Cushing

Turkey hat, Shana Hanson, Belfast

Exhibition Hall Largest Vegetables

Pumpkin, 114 pounds, Charlie Krause, Thorndike

Beet, 5.5 pounds, Peter Curra, Knox

Carrot 4 pounds, Lots to Gardens, Lewiston

Cucumber (‘Straight 8’), 2.5 pounds, Lots to Gardens, Lewiston

Zucchini (‘Costada Romencesa’), 19 pounds, Zephyr Hill Farm, Brooks

Harry S. Truman Games - Manure Toss

Overall distance winner, Jake Hutchins, Swanville. 


12 and under
1st Max (3 pounds)
2nd Arlo (2.25 pounds)
3rd Gabriel (2 pounds)

1st Michael (16 pounds)
2nd Micum (15.25 pounds)
3rd Ryan M (9.5 pounds)

12 and under
1st Max (35.6’)
2nd Olivia (34.25’)
3rd Will (20.5’)

1st Micum (79’)
2nd Todd (78’)
3rd Ben (72’)


12 and under
1st Jarrod Bernier (6.25 pounds)
2nd Patty Andersen (4 pounds)
3rd Zander (2.5 pounds)

1st Peter Andersen (8.9 pounds)
2nd Tim Lewis (7.4 pounds)
3rd Harry Bonish (6 pounds)

12 and under
1st Olivia (22’7”)
2nd Ivy (19’7”)
3rd Chloe (12’5”)

Ages 13-17
1st Sam Wood (24’)
2nd Miranda White (22’6”)

1st Jake Hutchins (89’1”)
2nd Jess Wood (45’5”)
3rd Alyssa Dolan (41’6”)

Eli Berry
Eli Berry was Team Player of the Day on Sunday in the Low Impact Forestry Area of the Fair. English photo.

Low Impact Forestry Awards

Woodlot Teamster of the Day
Friday – John Plowden, Plowden Horse Logging, Stow

Saturday – John Plowden, Plowden Horse Logging, Stow
Sunday – Brad Johnson, ALL Together Farm, Randolph Center

Team Player of the Day
Friday – Sam Brown, Steadfast Farm LLC, Parkman
Saturday – Nick Zandstra, Knock On Wood Saw Works, Topsham
Sunday – Eli Berry, Washington

Livestock Awards

Educational Demonstration of the Day
Friday – Chadwick Farm, Pittston
Saturday – Haffas Farm, Ellsworth
Sunday – Widdershins, Dover-Foxcroft

Youth Demonstration of the Day
Friday – Royal Haven Farm, Wilton
Saturday – Oak Hill Farm, Fayette
Sunday – Haystack Mountain Farm, Liberty

Very Educational Youth Demonstration
Friday – Family Tradition Farm, Bucksport
Saturday – Faithful Venture Farm, Searsmont
Sunday – Waldoview Farm, Winterport

Very Educational Exhibit/Demonstration
Friday – Mini Mt Estate, Bowdoin
Saturday – Orchard Hill Farm, Woodland
Sunday – Cathleen Simmons and Pete Stratton, Sidney

Field Teamster of the Day
Friday – Brad Johnson, ALL Together Farm, Randolph Center
Saturday – Francis Pike, Broom Tail Farm, Chichester
Sunday – Evelyn Pike, Broom Tail Farm, Chichester

Very Popular Exhibit/Demonstration
Friday – Bean's Corner Farm, Montville
Saturday – Wellscroft Farm, Harrisville
Sunday – Ted Conrad, East Andover

Very Attractive Exhibit/Demonstration
Friday – Barstow Farms, Nobleboro
Saturday – Beechwood Farm, Bucksport
Sunday – Tramps Rest, Monroe

Team Player of the Day
Friday – Back Forty Fjords, Damariscotta
Saturday – Peace Fleece Farm, Porter
Sunday – Darthia Farm, Gouldsboro

Special Friend of the Day
Friday – Tracey Wilkerson, Bethel
Saturday – Pine Hill Mules, Berwick
Sunday – Broom Tail Farm, Chichester


Oxen Scoot Contest

The Newt Cochran Teamster Award: Ted Conrad

Friday Sept. 23

1st Waldo Joslyn – Jake & Henry – 8 pts. (3:29)
2nd Pat Chadwick – Red & Rusty – 8 pts. (3:30)
3rd Tammy Chase – Bright & Lion – 12 pts. (3:23)

1st Chuddy Joslyn – Amos & Andy – 3 pts. (5:30)
2nd Tanya Chadwick – Duke & Diamond – 7 pts. (5:59)
3rd Wesley Daniel – Scott & Ben – 10 pts. (3:44)
4th Mike Sproul – Star & Bright – 14 pts. (3:34)
5th Dwain Chase – Thunder & Lightning – 19 pts. (5:50)

1st Pat Shea – Mike & Jim – 4 pts. (3:27)
2nd Gary Wilson – Zeus & Apollo – 12 pts. (3:21)
3rd Renee Grover – Cane & Able – 12 pts. (4:10)
4th Ted Conrad – Bright & Lion – 19 pts. (3:36)
5th Jon Daniel – Yogi & Clyde – 20 pts. (3:01)

Saturday Sept. 24

1st Pat Chadwick – Red & Rusty – 4 pts. (5:44)
2nd Tammy Chase – Bright & Lion – 5 pts. (4:02)
3rd Waldo Joslyn – Jake & Henry – 8 pts. (4:05)

1st Chuddy Joslyn – Amos & Andy – 1 pt. (6:14)
2nd Dwain Chase – Thunder & Lightning – 2 pts. (4:33)
3rd Mike Sproul – Star & Bright – 10 pts. (3:57)
4th Wesley Daniel – Scott & Ben – 10 pts. (5:16)
5th Tanya Chadwick – Duke & Diamond – 14 pts. (6:52)

1st Gary Wilson – Zeus & Apollo – 3 pts. (3:24)
2nd Pat Shea – Mike & Jim – 5 pts. (3:18)
3rd Renee Grover – Cane & Able – 12 pts. (2:43)
4th Jon Daniel – Yogi & Clyde – 18 pts. (2:52)
5th Ted Conrad – Bright & Lion – 37 pts. (3:32)

Sunday Sept. 25

1st Waldo Joslyn – Jake & Henry – 6 pts. (2:34)
2nd Pat Chadwick – Red & Rusty – 7 pts. (2:47)
3rd Tammy Chase – Bright & Lion – 27 pts. (2:55)

1st Warren Joslyn – Amos & Andy – 4 pts. (3:45)
2nd Tanya Chadwick – Duke & Diamond – 6 pts. (3:49)
3rd Dwain Chase – Thunder & Lightning – 7 pts. (3:14)
4th Wesley Daniel – Scott & Ben – 8 pts. (3:39)
5th Mike Sproul – Star & Bright – 11 pts. (3:30)

1st Pat Shea – Mike & Jim – 1 pts. (2:57)
2nd Ted Conrad – Bright & Lion – 8 pts. (3:40)
3rd Jamie Barstow – Cane & Able – 20 pts. (2:22)
4th Jon Daniel – Yogi & Clyde – 23 pts. (2:24)
5th Gary Wilson – Zeus & Apollo – 37 pts. (2:47)

Draft Horse Show

Junior Showmanship
1st Courtney Lancaster
2nd Caitlyn Simmons

Gelding Class
1st Kris Frasier
2nd Pete Stratton
3rd Melissa Welch
4th Earl Standell
5th Kris Frasier
6th Jesse Seavey

Stallion Class
1st Joe and Judy Miller’s Shire stallion
2nd Kris Frasier’s Percheron stallion

Brood Mare with Foal
1st Richard Hanscom

Mares 2 yrs. and under
1st David Stevens
2nd Joe and Judy Miller
3rd Kris Frasier
4th Joe and Judy Miller
5th Bonnie Seames

Mares 3 yrs. and older
1st David Stevens
2nd Bruce Pierce
3rd Tracey Wilkerson
4th Casey Seavey
5th Pete Stratton
6th Joe and Judy Miller
7th Mary Philbrick

Grand Champion Mare
David Stevens

Bred, Raised and Owned by Exhibitor
1st David Stevens
2nd Tracey Wilkerson
3rd Mary Philbrick
4th Richard Hanscom
5th David Stevens
6th Joe and Judy Miller

Bareback Riding
1st Pete Stratton
2nd Tracey Wilkerson
3rd Elisabeth Simmons
4th Richard Hanscom
5th Jesse Seavey
6th Cathy Simmons

Cart Class
1st Kris Frasier
2nd Pete Stratton
3rd Mary Philbrick
4th Cathy Simmons
5th Bruce Pierce

Ground Driving, Pair
1st Pete Stratton
2nd Jesse Seavey
3rd Earl Strandell
4th Courtney Lancaster
5th Dana Seavey
6th Kris Frasier

Pair Scooting
1st Pete Stratton
2nd Cathy Simmons
3rd Dana Seavey
4th Kris Frasier
5th Courtney Lancaster
6th Jesse Seavey

Single Twitch
1st Jesse Seavey
2nd Pete Stratton
3rd Courtney Lancaster
4th Dana Seavey
5th Kris Frasier
6th Richard Hanscom


Donkey and Mule Show

Class 1: Jennie Donkeys
1. Chocolate Moose – Amanda Stinson, Mini Mt Estate
2. Lucky Star – Jane VanAllsburg
3. Alsum – Madeline Weyer
4. Lily – Amanda Stinson, Mini Mt Estate
5. Martha – Celeste Lozier
6. Rachel – Sue Slate, South Slope Farm

Class 2: Gelding Donkeys
1. Manyana – Jan Shepherd
2. April – Bailey

Class 2A: Gelding
1. Harry – Katherine Murphy, Blazing Star Stables

Class 3: Open Mules 48” and under
1. Brown Suga – Claire Wallace, Haffas Farm
2. Molasses – Claire Wallace, Haffas Farm

Class 4: Open Mules 48” and over
1. Sally Mae – Jan & Pete
2. Ellie Mae – Jan & Pete

Class 5: Donkey Jumping
1. Chocolate Moose – Amanda Stinson, Mini Mt Estate
2. Courtney
3. Lily – Amanda Stinson, Mini Mt Estate
4. Martha – Celeste Lozier
5. Lucky Star – Jane VanAllsburg
6. Alsum – Madeline Weyer
7. Harry – Katherine Murphy, Blazing Star Stables

Class 6: Mule Jumping
1. Ellie Mae - Janice
2. Sugar – Claire Wallace, Haffas Farm
3. Sally Mae - Janice
4. Molasses – Claire Wallace, Haffas Farm

Class 7: Obstacle Course
1. Dakota
2. Jane VanAllsburg
3. Celeste Lozier
4. Madeline Weyer
5. Claire Wallace
6. Bailey

Class 8: Egg and Spoon
1. Amanda Stinson
2. Celeste Lozier
3. Becca
4. Jan
5. Dakota

Class 10: Costume Class
1. Courtney
2. Becca
3. Jan


2011 Common Kitchen Food Donors

The Common Kitchen is an extraordinary hub of activity before, during and after the Common Ground Country Fair – feeding upward of 2,000 Fair volunteers delicious and nourishing meals made with local, organic ingredients. An extraordinary team of volunteers transforms the generous food donations from more than 200 farms, markets, bakeries and food companies into nearly 6,000 meals for Fair volunteers and staff. We thank the following farmers and businesses whose donations to the Common Kitchen made it all possible:

4M Productions
A & B Naturals
Abbot's Maple
Alma Farm
Applegate Farm
Associated Buyers
Atarah Dupart
Atlantic Baking Company
Aucoin Concessions
Aurora Mills
Aurora Provisions
Austin Moore
Avena Botanicals
Axis Natural Foods
Ayotte Farms
Bagaduce Farm
Bahner Farm
Barrels Community Market
Bath Natural Market
Beau Chemin Preservation Farm
Beetroot Kitchen
Belfast Co-op Store
Betsey's of Maine
Big Sky Baking Company
Black Crow Bread
Black Locust Farm
Black Sheep Farm
Blessed Maine Herb Farm
Blue Barrens Farm
Blue Hill Co-op
Bluebird Hill Farm
Bob's Red Mill
Bod's Farm
Bonnie Beag Farm
Borealis Bread
Bowden Eggs
Brae Maple Farm
Briggs Hall Homestead
Brightberry Farm
Broadturn Farm
Broken Acres Farm
Burke Hill Farm
Café Miranda
Caldwell Farm
Camden Bagel Café
Carolyn Maruhnic
Celtic Sea Salt
Checkerberry Farm
Cheryl Wixson's Kitchen
Choice Tea
Clovercrest Farm
Crown O’ Maine Organic Co-op
Crystal Spring Farm
Cultivating Community
Curra Family Farm
Darthia Farm
David Carlson
David Hilton
Deb's Ice Cream
Deer Isle Hostel
Deri Farm
Dig Deep Farm
Doralenna Farm
Duck Trap
El Camino Restaurant
Emergen C
End of the Rainbow
Endless Herbs
Fare Share Market
Featherfoot Farm
Fisher Farm
Five Star Nursery
Flatbread Company
Flying Dutchman
Fresh Off the Farm
Frontier Natural Products Co-Op
Frontier Café
Full Circle Farm
Giva Gyro
Good Food Store
Good Tern Co-op
Goranson Farm
Gramp’s Farm
Grandy Oats Granola
Great Eastern Sun
Green Mountain Gringo
Gryffon Ridge Spices
Hall Farms
Hamilton Farm
Hampden Natural Foods
Happy Town Farm
Harry Brown's Farm
Harvest Time Natural Foods
Hatchet Cove Farm
Haystack Mountain Farm
Henry and Marty's
Hidden Valley Farm
Hiewa Tofu
Hilltop Handspun
Hole In The Wall Bagels
Home Garden
Hoof n' Paw Farm
Horizon Organic
Horsepower Farm
Jess's Market, Inc.
John Edwards Market
Johnny's Selected Seeds
John’s Ice Cream
Jyang Lee Kitchens
King Arthur Flour
King Hill Farm
Kinney's Sugarhouse
Koviashuvik Local Living School
Lakewood Juice
Lalibella Farm
Lamb Cove Farm
Leaning Apple Garden
Levesque's Organic Farm
Little Falls Farm
Living Nutz
Liz Lauer
Local Roots Market and Café
Lois Natural Marketplace
Lundberg Rice
Madhava Honey
Maine Coast Sea Vegetables
Maine Maple Products
Marquis Farm
Mary's Gone Crackers
Matt's Coffee
Merrill Blueberries
Mill Farm
Moo Milk
Moon Hill Farm
Morning Dew Farm
Morning Dew Natural Foods
Mother’s Mountain Mustard
Mountain Maple
Mysty Mountain Farm
Natural Living Center
Nature's Choice
Nature's Circle
Nelson Family Farm
New England Natural Baker
New Leaf Farm
New Morning Natural
Nezinscot Farm
Northstar Farm
Old Ackley Farm
Old Pioneer Micro Farm
Once Again Nut Butter
One Kind Favor Farm
Orchard Hill Farm
Organic Valley
Paolina's Way
Pastor Chuck Orchards
Patchwork Gardens
Peacemeal Farm
Phoenix Farm
Plowden Horse Logging
Port Clyde Fresh Catch
Porter Foods
Proud Peasant Farm
Radlo Foods – Mountain Hollow Farms
Real Pickles
Really Raw Honey
Ricker Hill Orchards
Rising Tide Natural Foods
Rock City Coffee Roasters
Ron And Kelly Desrosiers
Royal River Natural Foods
Sacred Bough Farm
Sand Hill Farm
Sarah's Café
Saving Seeds Farm
Schlotterbeck and Foss
Schoodic Hollow Farm
Sewall Orchard
Shalom Orchard
Sheepscot General
Silver Moon Creamery
Smith Family Farm
Smith Farm
Sonnental Farm
Soy Boy
Spring Tide Farm
Spruce Bush Farm
Standard Bread
State of Maine Cheese
Stone Culvert Farm
Stonyfield Yogurt
Sun & Earth
Swan's Honey
Swan’s Way
Sweet Willow Farm
The Alna Store
The Brown Bag
The Filo Factory
Three Fold Farm
Tide Mill Farm
Tourmaline Hill Farm
Tramps Rest
Treble Ridge Farm
Two Fat Cats Bakery
Two Loons Farm
Village Farm
Webb Family Farm
Well Fed Farm
Western Maine Rabbit Breeders Association
Western Waldo Co-op
When Pigs Fly
Whitehill Farm
Willow Pond Farm
Wintergreen Farm
Yogi Tea

If we missed anyone, please let us know and we will correct the error. If you would like to donate food for the Fair next year, please call the MOFGA office or email Bill Whitman,


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