"Sooner or later, we sit down to a banquet of consequences."
- Robert Louis Stevenson
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MOFGA has a plan for its 89-acres of forest. And, like many big projects at MOFGA, the woods are being managed by a Volunteer Low Impact Forestry Committee. The different wooded areas are used for educational programs and timber production, both of which contribute significantly to the health of the forest. Some of the wooded area has about 50 years of growth from former cropland. Other areas have a fair amount of wetlands. Others have good stands of sugar maples. And some have very mature trees that are being harvested for wood used to construct buildings on MOFGA's property. The south woodlot, comprised mostly of white pine, spruce and tamarack, is the primary location for educational programs during the Common Ground Country Fair in September, as well as MOFGA's annual Low Impact Forestry Workshop, which takes place in November.

MOFGA hired Barrie Brusila of Mid-Maine Forestry to be the chief forester. Through her association with the Forest Stewardship Council, wood harvested from MOFGA's woodlot is green-certified.


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