"Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are."
- Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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2015 Poultry Processing Workshop
Thursday, July 9
MOFGA's Common Kitchen at the Common Ground Education Center, Unity
Fee: $75 for non-members; $60 for members
Information: Email Diane Schivera or contact the MOFGA office - (207) 568-4142

Join Diane Schivera, MOFGA Organic Livestock Specialist and local farmer Everett Ottinger of Nettie Fox Farm who raised the birds, for a workshop about how to process poultry. In this workshop you will be guided through a safe and humane process for turning live birds into oven ready roasters. We'll discuss poultry management, equipment and food safety concerns. Please bring your favorite kitchen knife, an apron, and a willingness to learn. Each participant will take home a bird.

Organic and Sustainable Agriculture News
You probably won’t save money by raising your own chickens, according to this infographic
Bangor Daily News - 6/16/2015.
By Dan MacLeod - Courtesy of Money Side of Life, here’s a cost/benefit analysis on raising urban chickens. According to the website, it costs $130 a year to raise four chickens. But if you want to buy the 18 eggs a week they would lay (on average, not counting changes due to weather and breed) at the grocery store, then you’ll only spend $92 a year. Of course, this infographic was made in 2012, before egg prices skyrocketed due to an outbreak of avian flu. And plenty of people have crunched the numbers with different results.
Multinational firm takes aim at Maine farm over trademark dispute
Bangor Daily News - 6/16/2015.
By Abigail Curtis - Freedom, Maine: A small family farm in Waldo County that sells its produce within a 30-mile radius has to change its name because of a trademark dispute with a multimillion dollar company with greenhouses in three countries. It’s all in a name, according to Prentice Grassi of Freedom Village Farm, which was started in 2007 and until very recently simply was called Village Farm. Soon, though, Grassi and his wife, Polly Shyka, will have to find yet another name for their five-acre mixed vegetable farm.
‘Hollywood Shark’ Lawyer Takes on Monsanto
Epoch Times - 6/15/2015.
By Conan Milner - Glyphosate is by far the most used herbicide in the world, and has become an essential ingredient in conventional agriculture. It is cheap to produce, far less toxic than the older generation of herbicides, and is approved for use in about 130 countries. But glyphosate’s safe reputation took a big hit this year when the World Health Organization (WHO) classified it as a “possible carcinogen.”
The Monsanto Protection Act is back, and worse than ever
GM Watch - 6/15/2015.
Center for Food Safety (CFS) today expressed strong opposition to Representative Pompeo’s newly revised genetically engineered (GE) food labeling preemption bill (H.R. 1599), which now has been greatly expanded to not only prohibit all labeling of GE foods, but also to make it unlawful for states or local governments to restrict GE crops in any way.
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