"The soil is, as a matter of fact, full of live organisms. It is essential to conceive of it as something pulsating with life, not as a dead or inert mass."
- Albert Howard, The Soil and Health, 1947

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Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine

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 CSIA Petition – October 2013

We all do everything we can to keep our families healthy and safe, especially from toxic chemicals. But with the US EPA evaluating the safety of only 200 out of 80,000 chemicals on the market, there's only so much we can do. The truth is, we just don’t know whether most chemicals are safe or not.

That's why the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine has been working with partners from all across the country to protect kids' health from toxic chemicals in everyday products. We're advocating for a long awaited upgrade to the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act – which has failed to protect our kids from toxic chemicals linked to cancer, obesity, and reproductive problems.

But Congress is in disarray – so we're sending 8 Maine women, along with folks from all over the country, to straighten up this toxic mess. The women are moms, small business owners, and community leaders from Maine who are charged with this clear and simple message: Protect our kids, fix our chemical safety system.

Send your message with them by signing the petition below.

Please sign our petition and we will hand deliver it to Congress on October 29th!

To My Senators and Representatives,

No child should be exposed to chemicals linked to cancer, obesity, or reproductive problems. But children's health is threatened every day by dangerous chemicals in their homes.

Our nation's chemical safety system is badly broken. The Chemical Safety Improvement Act (CSIA) is a good start but needs to be strengthened. Please help strengthen the CSIA to achieve real reform that protects our families from toxic chemicals.


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