"The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination."
- John Scharr
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 Testimony / Alerts 2014

  DEP Hearing on Phthalates - 072914


 Testimony / Alerts - 2013

  Flier - LD 218: An Act to Promote Small Scale Poultry Farming
  Flier - LD 259: An Act to Allow a Person Who Owns a Slaughterhouse to Slaughter Poultry for Other People


 Testimony Delivered in 2011/2012 Minimize

  LD 1830 - An Act to Establish the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry
  LD 1810 - An Act To Implement Recommendations Of The Committee To Review Issues Dealing With Regulatory Takings
  LD 1 - An Act To Ensure Regulatory Fairness and Reform
  LD 321 - An Act To Change the Qualifications of Certain Members of the Board of Pesticides Control
  LD 330 - An Act To Exempt Farm Food Products and Homemade Food Offered for Sale or for Consumption at Certain Events from Certain Licensing Requirements
  LD 366 - An Act Regarding the Sale of Raw Milk
  LD 412 - Resolve, Regarding Designation of Bisphenol A as a Priority Chemical and Regulation of Bisphenol A in Children's Products
  LD 837 - An Act To Protect Children's Health and Promote Safe Schools and Child Care Centers by Limiting the Use of Pesticides
  LD 975 - An Act To Require Certification of Private Applicators of General Use Pesticides
  LD 1129 - An Act To Provide the Department of Environmental Protection with Regulatory Flexibility Regarding the Listing of Priority Chemicals
  LD 1041 - An Act To Simplify and Enhance Pest Control Notification, LD 228 - An Act To Revise Notification Requirements for Pesticide Application, and LD 16 - An Act To Revise Notification Requirements for Pesticides Applications Using Aircraft or Air-carrier Equipment


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