"We eat out of the air, the sea, and the earth."
- Robert P. Tristam Coffin
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Dear Editor:

I was very pleased to read Jean English’s “Alternative Fibers for Paper – Tree Free in 2003?” in the June-August 1998 issue of The MOF&G. In this article she thoroughly summarizes comments from various speakers at the Alternative Paper Conference. She reported that one speaker, Jym St. Pierre, brought to the conference various throw-away paper products as classic examples of the wastefulness of the forest consuming pulp and paper industry. Among those paper products were paper napkins, towels and bathroom tissue from a grocery store.

I urge that your readers, when purchasing these products, purchase only those that are made from 100% recycled paper. Fort Howard Paper Co. uses only recycled paper in the production of its paper products and, to my understanding, does not use chlorine bleach. Some of these products include “Marti Gras” napkins, “So Dri” towels, and “Soft N Gentle” bathroom tissue. The packaging on these products does not make any references to being made from recycled paper.

For further information about Fort Howard Paper Co. and its products, call toll-free 1- 800-233-6749. I have no financial interest in this company but am a believer in buying recycled.

– Paul M. Brown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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