"Perhaps the most radical thing you can do in our time is to start turning over the soil, loosening it up for the crops to settle in, and then stay home and tend them."
- Rebecca Solnit

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Washing chufa tubers in a farm pond. Will Bonsall photo.


I was thrilled to see Will Bonsall's article about chufa in the summer issue! I loved drinking Horchata in Madrid in 1977. Will's description of the cold beverage is exactly what I recall: nutty-flavored, milk-like. Over the years I've kept an eye out for it in this country but never have found it. I did try digging for tubers from some local sedges that looked promising. However, my success with that was no better than my search for the edible parts of Bulrush (so I stuck to cattail in my digging-foraging). Now Will's article inspires me to grow my own chufa!

– Mariana Tupper


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