"The history of every Nation is eventually written in the way in which it cares for its soil."
- Franklin D Roosevelt. Signing the Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act.
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By Bob Sewall, Lincolnville

Welcome to 1998! This will be a year in which MOFGA’s dreams of a permanent home will come to blossom. In the last seven years I’ve watched this organization create a vision and then slowly create the reality. Unity, Maine, is our new home, and what we build there will represent MOFGA’s ideals and goals for years to come.

Our dream of sustainable rural living will be demonstrated and celebrated at Unity. Our mission as an organic educational institution will take shape and develop. Though our Education Committee is in the early stages, some ground work has been done. The Apprentice Committee has done considerable work on its educational mission and has made many recommendations, one of which is the development of a journey-person program that would be separate from the apprentice program. This is one of the big pieces the Education Committee will be working on. It needs considerable, work, as much as the permanent site is now getting. Thus, our challenge is to develop both the permanent site and educational programs together. We need the input of each member of MOFGA to accomplish this mission.

In 1997, many decisions were made for the future of MOFGA. Some of these decisions were made with our backs to the wall and no clear picture of the outcome. I believe we can be more proactive in our decision making for 1998. The struggles and the ’what ifs’ of 1997 are behind us. The success of 1997 should fuel our process for 1998. There is a huge amount of work to be done by September for a successful demonstration of our permanent site and education center.

Our pay as you go philosophy should be joined with plan as you go, and we must recognize our true needs and the practicality of our decisions. This is no longer a dream or a vision, it is a reality that should represent the spirit, heart and soul of MOFGA and organic farming.

I would be delighted to see every member and supporter of MOFGA challenged in some small or grand way to help obtain these goals. The door is wide open; take the initiative and find solutions. No one in this organization wishes to stand in your way.

I would also like to give my personal thanks to everyone. You are what makes MOFGA what it is today. I am looking forward to completing this journey we’re now traveling.


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