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We’re On Our Way!

By Russell Libby, Executive Director

Recently, when I spent the day at the site in Unity, six different crews were at work, putting together the pieces that will lead to the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity, on September 25, 26, and 27.

What’s Going on Now?

• The maintenance building is up, wired, and nearly finished. It will have a small office to serve as base of operations in the months ahead.

• The electricians are laying electrical and phone cable, planning to be hooked up by mid-February.

• The road network is in place, although a bit icy!

• The major water system is largely laid, and the pump house to act as the center of the system will be done soon.

• The first pour on the foundation for the main building has taken place, and the next piece will be done later in February.

• Four timber framing crews (John Connolly & Co., Fairbanks Timber Frames, Mike Smiley, and Timber Frames by R.A. Krouse) are cutting a frame that will become the new Exhibition Hall.

• A landscaping committee has begun meeting to talk about plantings and design strategies for the years ahead. Ernie Glabau is the chief plant procurer and committee organizer. There will be lots of room for involvement in this group as we move along!

We Met the Challenge!

We’re still finalizing reports, but your extra­ordinary generosity helped us to meet the financial targets of the $500,000 challenge grant. So far we’ve raised over $1 million towards our campaign target of $2.4 million. Mort Mather is working hard with the Board to develop strategies to get us the rest of the way.

Come to Our First Big Event: the “Barn-raising”!

On March 21 and 22, weather permitting, the timber framers will erect the frame that will turn into the Exhibition Hall come fall. You’re welcome to watch the building crews, although we need to stay out of their way. Take this opportunity to stop in and see how we’re doing and share your ideas. Bring a pruning saw if you like and work in the pine woods for a few minutes. Otherwise, just have fun and enjoy this kick-off to the busy building season.


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