"When we eat from the industrial-food system, we are eating oil and spewing greenhouse gases."
- Michael Pollan
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 Maine Retailers Show Their Support for MOFGA-Certified Organic Minimize

Posters created by MOFGA’s Melissa White Pillsbury are promoting our certified organic growers at retail outlets. Photo courtesy of Blue Hill Co-op produce manager Andy Felger.

By Melissa White Pillsbury

If you’ve been in the Blue Hill Co-op recently, you may have noticed something new about its produce display. Posters hang above the cooler, featuring photos and personal statements from several MOFGA-certified organic farms and farmers whose products are regularly displayed in the case below.

Blue Hill Co-op produce manager Andy Felger was enthusiastic about displaying posters featuring farms that supply the Co-op.

“The MOFGA posters have really made a dramatic change in our store's appearance,” he says. “There is a lot of information in the posters, and I feel our customers enjoy being able to read the farmers’ statements and see photos of the farms and farmers. It connects people more closely with the farms and farmers, and they really want to buy from those farmers.”

The display is part of a broader strategy of MOFGA’s agricultural services staff to increase promotion of MOFGA-certified farms and processors through stores that many MOFGA Certification Services’ clients supply.  

Several prominent outlets for MOFGA-certified farm products, such as the Belfast Co-op Store, and Royal River Natural Foods in Freeport, await signage for their stores telling the stories of their MOFGA-certified organic farm and processor suppliers. 

Each in-store sign will include photos of the farm, farmers and/or products, and a personal statement from the farmers about why they choose to be a MOFGA-certified organic farm.

Hatchet Cove Farm poster Tide Mill Farm

Says Felger, “These posters are another important step in trying to reconnect consumers to locally grown food and to teach people there are faces, farms and soil behind the produce they buy. Vegetables and meats are not grown in grocery stores. The MOFGA logo also appeals to consumers because they feel like there is a local organization working on their behalf to ensure the quality of their food, which is something you do not get many places these days. It gives peace of mind amid the more frequently occurring food recalls, etc.” 


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