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Price Reports from 2006 to 2017

Please note: Due to the low response rate from certified organic farms regarding price data for the price reports, we sought feedback from certified organic Maine farms in 2014 about what types of services would incentivize higher participation. Based on that feedback, we have created an online price reporting form, organic farmers can send us their existing price lists and we will enter their data, and we tried county specific price reports for the first time in Summer 2015. We have also moved to creating just 2 price reports per year: one in the summer and one in the late fall. Response rate has increased somewhat, but is still low.

Shown below is the June 2017 Price Report for Portland, Maine. Click here or on the report to view the PDF

Click here to view the June 2017 Price Report for Midcoast Maine

Click here to view the June 2017 Price Report for Portland, Maine

Click here to view the June 2017 Price Report for Western Maine

MOFGA June 2017 Price Report for Portland, Maine
View or download the Fall 2016 price report (PDF)
View or download the Summer 2016 price report (PDF)


In 2006, MOFGA began regular surveys of prices charged by MOFGA certified organic farmers in Maine for both direct sales and wholesale sales. Because we are collecting data from a relatively small sample size, there are often products with only a few prices listed, if any. It should also be noted that MOFGA farmers sell to a wide range of customers, which can sometimes result in a wide range in prices listed for a particular item in one report, or from one report to the next. These reports are published as a service to the organic farming community to expose farmers to the range of prices that are being paid for their products. If you value the price reports, let us know. We struggle to continue to generate them in a way that is useful to farmers.

Links to past reports appear below. Historic price information on some organic crops is available from the USDA.

For 2015, we created county-specific price reports for Cumberland, Hancock, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, and Waldo counties. Some county reports include only 3 reporting farms; counties with less than 3 farms do not have a price report. This was a one-year test; based on the low number of farms per county it is unlikely we will offer this service again (unless response rates increase).

2015 Fall Price Report.pdf

2015 Summer Price Report.pdf

2015 Cumberland Summer Price Report.pdf

2015 Hancock Summer Price Report.pdf

2015 Lincoln Summer Price Report.pdf

2015 Sagadahoc Summer Price Report.pdf

2015 Waldo Summer Price Report.pdf

October 2014 Price Report (PDF 123K)

September 2014 Price Report (PDF 125K)

August 2014 Price Report (PDF 370K)

June-July 2014 Price Report (PDF 382K)

May 2014 Price Report (PDF 373K)

2013 Retail Summary Price Report (PDF 315K)

2013 Wholesale Summary Price Report (PDF 315K)

September 2013 Organic Price Report (PDF 381K)

August 2013 Organic Price Report (PDF 386k)

July 2013 Organic Price Report (PDF 390k)

June 2013 Organic Price Report (PDF 379k)

May 2013 Organic Price Report (PDF 382k)

Price reports for the years 2012 to 2006 are available upon request. Please contact MOFGA Organic Marketing Director Heather Omand for details. Reports available:

October 2012 Organic Price Report (PDF 148k)
September 2012 Organic Price Report (PDF 140k)
August 2012 Organic Price Report (PDF 140k)
July 2012 Organic Price Report (PDF 140k)
June 2012 Organic Price Report (PDF 140k)
May 2012 Organic Price Report (PDF 132k)

2011 Retail Summary Organic Price Report (PDF 160K)
2011 Wholesale Summary Organic Price Report (PDF 140K)
October 2011 Organic Price Report (PDF 128K)
September 2011 Organic Price Report (PDF 144K)
August 2011 Organic Price Report (PDF 136K)
July 2011 Organic Price Report (PDF 136K)
June 2011 Organic Price Report (PDF 136K)
May 2011 Organic Price Report (PDF 136K)

2010 RETAIL Summary Report (PDF 140K)
2010 WHOLESALE Summary Report (120K)
October 2010 Organic Price Report (PDF 140K)
September 2010 Organic Price Report (PDF 140K)
August 2010 Organic Price Report (PDF 136K)
July 2010 Organic Price Report (PDF 140K)
June 2010 Organic Price Report (PDF 124K)
May 2010 Organic Price Report (PDF 128K)

2009 RETAIL Summary Report (PDF 572K)
2009 WHOLESALE Summary Report (PDF 364K)
2009 PICK YOUR OWN Summary Report (PDF 112K)
October 2009 Organic Price Report (PDF 136K)
September 2009 Organic Price Report (PDF 136K)
August 2009 Organic Price Report (PDF 132K)
July 2009 Organic Price Report (PDF 116K)
June 2009 Organic Price Report (PDF 116K)
May 2009 Organic Price Report (PDF 120K)

2008 Natural Meat Price Report (PDF 160K)
2008 Organic Meat & Dairy Price Report (PDF 120K)
RETAIL 2008 Summary Report (PDF 160K)
WHOLESALE 2008 Summary Report (PDF 144K)
PICK YOUR OWN 2008 Summary Report (PDF 120k)

2007 Retail Summary Price Report (PDF 292K)
2007 Wholesale Summary Price Report (PDF 272K)
2007 Pick-Your-Own Summary Price Report (PDF 236K)

2006 Retail Summary Price Report (PDF 124K)
2006 Wholesale Summary Price Report (PDF 120K)




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