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 MOFGA's 2010 Pest Reports - Compiled by Eric Sideman, PhD Minimize

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Late Blight Update - May 25, 2010

Late blight has been confirmed south of us in PA and MD. MOFGA Organic Crop Specialist Eric Sideman does not believe this raises risk for us in Maine because the weather has been very warm and dry, and the late blight spores could not make it this far in this kind of weather. With luck, we will not experience damp cloudy weather that is so good for late blight spore travel. The source of the late blight in PA and MD has not been confirmed. It seems like a local problem, unlike last year. Let's take it as a warning and keep our eyes open. Be vigilant but not full of panic. Please scout sprouting potatoes, and young tomato plants for any signs of late blight. Pull volunteer potatoes. If you see something suspicious you can send a picture to Eric via email at esideman@mofga.org, or contact your local Cooperative Extension office.

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