"At either end of any food chain you find a biological system -- a patch of soil, a human body -- health of one is connected, literally, to the health of the other."
- Michael Pollan
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The latest update on late blight is not good news. It has been found by scouts on a few more farms in the Waldoboro region. These have not been confirmed yet in the lab, but the field observations were on tomatoes and potatoes on commercial farms.

This means that growers in that area should be very vigilant scouting, and seriously consider applying copper as a protectant even if no signs are found.

Organic growers must use a formulation of copper that is approved for organic production. Champ WG, NuCop 50 WP, and Cueva Fungicide Concentrate are approved for organic production. BUT, NuCop 50 does not seem to be registered in Maine. If your supplier has only that, then you should ask them to call the Board of Pesticide Control Office (287-2731) and talk to them about getting it registered. It must be registered for use as a pesticide. Also, farmers are not permitted to use formulations of pesticides that are only registered with the EPA for gardener use. Any pesticide registered for farm use will have Worker Protection Standards on the label.

Eric Sideman, MOFGA's Organic Crop Specialist will provide more information as it develops. Stay tuned and direct any questions to Eric at esideman@mofga.org.

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