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MOFGA's Pest Report - July 19, 2011
Compiled by Eric Sideman, PhD - MOFGA's Organic Crop Specialist

Late blight has been found in Carbou, Maine. We have no details yet, but the disease is close enough that we should be very vigilant. Scout your potato and tomato fields frequently. Good pictures can be found at the following website to help you identify the problem, or you can look back at previous Pest Reports.


If you think you may have late blight on your plants but are not certain, please send a good quality, digital photograph to me at
esideman@mofga.org and I will let you know if I can identify it. If it's a "maybe", then I will instruct you to send a sample up to the Pest Management Office for positive ID.

I do not think the risk level is high. We do not have the weather in most of Maine that would favor quick spread of the disease, nor do we have wide spread inoculum. But, we all have to be good neighbors and monitor our plantings so we do not develop wide spread inoculum.

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