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To be used by MOFGA certified organic growers.

These forms are a simple Google Form which should allow you to open and use them readily on any device, and can be closed and reopened at any time, at your convenience.

MOFGA will compile and share the data three times during the growing season of 2020: in mid-July, late August, and mid-October. Submit your pricing information at any time.  

Directions for submitting price report information:

  • Open the appropriate form
  • Click on the “Product” dropdown in Question 1 and select the single product/unit combination you are going to submit pricing for
  • Enter the Retail Price* for that product/unit in Question 2 and/or the Wholesale Price* in Question 3
  • Add any other optional notes, comments, variations, etc., in Question 4
  • Submit Form
  • You will then see a prompt for submitting another form; click that prompt and repeat the above procedure for the remaining product/unit combinations you would like to report.  

* NOTE: The prices should be entered simply as a number without the $ or unit text (for example:  4.25 instead of $4.25/bunch).  

Not all products or units are represented here, so you can either enter a price and put something in the “Notes” that indicates a variation, or make a suggestion for adding or changing a product/unit combination.  

Send any questions, suggestions, comments, etc, to Nicolas Lindholm: [email protected]

VEGETABLES - Organic Price Report Form

DAIRY - Organic Price Report Form

FLOWERS & DECORATIVE SQUASH - Organic Price Report Form

FRUIT - Organic Price Report Form

MEAT & EGGS - Organic Price Report Form

HERBS - Organic Price Report Form

MAPLE SYRUP - Organic Price Report Form