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Ben Wilcox & Song Emery
Ben Wilcox and Song Emery. Lamb photo.

Ben Wilxon "Retires," Leaves Valuable Advice
By Jane Lamb
Faithful patrons of the Camden Farmers' Market were disappointed to learn in May that Ben Wilcox and his partner, Song Emery, would no longer be there purveying fresh organic produce from Part 'n Parcel Farm.

Fast Growing Greens Profit Nesenkeag Farm
By Jean English
"The magical mesclun salad mix from Nesenkeag Coop Farm is consumed at Boston’s fanciest restaurants. It’s also consumed by the homeless and hungry population of greater Boston and southern New Hampshire. Such is the paradox of Nesenkeag Farm."

Going Online with Farmers' Markets
By Eric Gibson
"Agora, n. [Gr. 'agora'] An assembly; hence, the place of assembly, especially the market place, in an ancient Greek city. (Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913)"

Maine Department of Agriculture Funds Study of Seed Growing
By Nicolas Lindholm
Seed saving has become a popular pastime and passion for many gardeners and farmers, primarily on a limited or experimental basis, and usually just for their own use. Yet an increasing number of small-scale, diversified farms are growing and marketing vegetable, flower and herb seeds as a cash crop, and finding that these efforts can be integrated into a profitable venture.

Epigram to an Aroostook Potatoman
By Nicolas Lindholm
I wish I had written down the words Peter Bondeson had used to describe the “All Red” potato, the last time I’d talked to him.

Schools & Pesticide Use
Report Documents Pesticide Poisoning at Schools
School Pesticide Policy Web Page

Paul Birdsall
Paul Birdsall

Logging & Learning at MOFGA's Woodlot
By Peter Hagerty
The rain was turning to drizzle as King and I made our way down the path to the log landing in the MOFGA wooflot in Unity. Other horses, some in teams, some working singly, began appearing from out of the forest. Morning tea had arrived and we loggers were all anxious for a cup.

What is a Forest?
By Céline Caron
The topic of the forest is starting to provoke internal earthquakes in a great number of persons across the Americas. The forest is like the winter for most easterners. We live with both but we do not know either.

Genetic Engineering Update
By Jean English
Genetic contamination has begun. In May, Advanta Seeds, a division of AstraZeneca, said that genetic drift from engineered canola in Canada had contaminated the company’s certified "non-GE seed" that was shipped to Britain, France, Germany and Sweden.

Suicide Seeds on the Fast Track
"We've continued right on with work on the Technology Protection System [Terminator]. We never really slowed down. We're on target, moving ahead to commercialize it. We never really backed off." – Harry Collins, Delta & Pine Land Seed Co., January, 2000

Toki Oshima drawing
Flavored vinegars.
Toki Oshima drawing.

Harvest Kitchen: Flavored Vinegars
By Roberta Bailey
Summer is winding to a close. Even as the days cool we scramble to pack in a few more picnics, one last long swim, and another slice of watermelon.

Grow Your Own Quince
By Roberta Bailey
Dating back over 4000 years and originating in Persia and Anatolia, quince was once the most popular fruit grown.

Nasturtiums: Bright Colors and a Peppery Punch
By Ellie MacDougall
This colorful herb and decorative plant began its journey into our gardens and onto our tables from the land of the Incas – the cool mountains of Peru.

Workshops and Articles Highlight Innovations in Livestock Care

By Diane Shivera
The Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association has done a few livestock related workshops in the past two years. This column will recap some of the highlights of these workshops for those who weren’t able to attend.

Earth to Government: Save Manure!
By Eric Sideman, Ph.D.
I am deeply concerned about a new direction for policy that I see developing behind the scenes at the U. S. Department of Agriculture: A crusade is brewing to eliminate the use of livestock manure on vegetable farms.

Where Dreams are Free to Grow: The Common Ground – A Message on our Capital Campaign

For many years MOFGA dreamed of creating a place that could serve as a permanent site for the Common Ground Country Fair, as well as a living classroom and demonstration center for tomorrow’s farmers and consumers. Thanks to the generosity, hard work and creative dedication of countless volunteers, individual donors, several companies as well as foundations, farmers, gardeners, and MOFGA’s staff, this dream has come to life.

Tips & Tidbits
Avoid Diesel Exhaust Dangers
Fall Gardening Tips

The Flow of Soil, by M. S. Tupper
Infinite Pastures, by Ellie MacDougall

Opposed to Trapping, by Rae Sikora


A Big Small Solution?
By Russell Libby, MOFGA Executive Director
With the Presidential campaign now centerstage, we're hearing mostly about big solutions. I thought it would be fun to think about what we are able to do, individually and together, to make a difference.

President’s Letter:
Reflections on the Board of Pesticides Control

By Sharon Tisher
Seven years ago, Jean English first asked me to report on the Board of Pesticides Control for this paper. I’ve stuck with the job ever since, and I’d be the first to admit that it’s been both fascinating and frustrating.

Genetically Oddified Morgue-anisms*
By Jean English, Editor, The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener
The pesticide treadmill has become a pesticide-genetic engineering rollercoaster, as evidenced by genetically engineered Bt cotton and canola.

Pumpkin Circle
Gardening for the Future of the Earth
The Adventurous Gardener: Where to Buy the Best Plants in New England

News & Events

Maine BPC Report
Potato Sprout Inhibitor Seriously Injures Bystander

MOFGA Will Dedicate a Shade Tree in Memory of Sheriff Bob Jones
New Faces in the MOFGA Office

Volunteer Profile
Polly Shyka

Common Ground Country Fair
Welcome to the Fair!
Geese Poster a Symbol for the Millennium
Fedco Seed Founder CR Lawn to Speak About Seeds and Social Security