Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Since the last MOF&G, the Buildings and Grounds staff have progressed on some projects on the Fairgrounds.
  • A hot-air solar collector on the south side of MOFGA’s sprinkler building keeps three large water tanks in the building from freezing. The collector replaces propane heat. Photo by Vern LeCount.
    Solar Power – links you to the "Solar Power" page on our website.
    MOFGA has completed installation of a hot-air solar collector on the south side of the sprinkler building to keep the three large water tanks in the building from freezing. We had been using propane to heat the building. (See photograph.)
  • The design of the solar water-heating system to heat the main building continues. A prototype panel is being tested before we commit to the design. When weather warms, we hope to install a wall of solar panels in a line to the south of the Common Kitchen eating area on the south side of the main building. This will help MOFGA lower its petroleum needs.
  • Footings for the wind generator have been poured and cable anchors installed with a good bond to the reinforcing metal in the footings. We accomplished this in time to allow the concrete to cure properly before cold weather.
  • The 350-foot wire run between the red barn on Route 220 and the windmill’s tower base footing has been dug, the wires placed in conduits and buried in a bed of sand. The wire runs and tower footings will provide years of service to MOFGA, even if we put another wind generator on the tower in the future.
  • The wind turbine head was sent to Bangor for testing, which revealed some problems; these will be corrected by sending the turbine head to Oklahoma. Meanwhile, we continue to assemble the tower and adjust the tension of cable guys.
  • The Landscape Committee has been working on a three-year Landscape Plan that will help MOFGA discuss and set priorities for landscaping its grounds.
  • MOFGA’s 2007 budget should address several issues, such as:
o    a mandated fire suppression system over stoves in the kitchen;
o    the sound problem in the Exhibition Hall;
o    more ditch filling on the grounds;
o    installation of an on-demand water heater in the Common Kitchen;
o    rental or purchase of a professional grass-cutting machine for the grounds;
o    gravel for road improvement on the grounds;
o    mandated electrical ground fault interruption improvements;
o    more gates for livestock barns;
o    cutting lumber on our land for various Common Ground Fair needs.
Several tasks that the Buildings and Grounds Committee would like to complete could be accomplished by volunteer labor at minimal cost. For example:
  • Filling depressions on the ground in the Maine Business area;
  • Filling large depressions in the bicycle ring;
  • Pruning branches on the edges of the fair grounds;
  • Sorting returnable bottles from recyclables containers. (Yes, there is still work to finish from the 2006 Fair);
  • Replacing base trim in the library.
And many more …

In addition, if any readers are interested in helping Buildings and Grounds assembly the wind generator tower on its base over the winter, please email Vernon at Perhaps we can set up a workday one weekend with a few people. This will be fun.

The Buildings and Grounds Committee is prioritizing projects to improve the Fair experience. We have been noting the needs related to the Fair when they are expressed at various committee meetings. If Fair people have suggestions or complaints that they believe have not been noted, please email

Vernon LeCount
Facility Manager