Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Roll Out the Compost!

People are always asking me about rolling compost bins when we do home composting classes in the Midcoast area, and I never know what to say, as I have no experience and they are expensive.  But I recently heard Rob McCall, on Awenadjo Almanac, on WERU, telling about his wonderful homemade rolling composter. He says he got a used "mustard barrel" from Ray's in Eastport, way Down East. Apparently it has a screw-on top, and they put their kitchen waste in it and roll it around the yard every once in a while. I don't know if anyone has mustard barrels closer to home, but any (55-gallon) used plastic food barrel (fruit concentrate, olives, etc.), with a top that can be secured for rolling, would do. A few aeration holes drilled in it might make it work better, but I don't know. The barrels are good for making rain barrels too, with an added spigot. (Elmer's Barn on Rte. 17 in Coopers Mills sometimes has barrels, as does EBS.)
Beedy Parker
Camden, Maine