Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Food Independence Day Poster

You know that July 4th is Independence Day, but did you know that it's also Maine Food Independence Day?

Well, it is – because we said it is! "We" are the individuals and groups of the Eat Local Foods Coalition of Maine, and we think that the foods coming from our local farms, gardens and waters are worth supporting and celebrating.

We live in uncertain and insecure times, but there is security in knowing the faces and places that produce our food. Once again this July 4th, we're asking Mainers to look for local options for their holiday meals. Imagine the positive impacts – to our economies, environment, health and communities – of 1.3 million people eating fresh, delicious, locally grown, locally fished foods!

The best way to ensure that the places and faces that produce Maine foods remain part of our physical and social landscape is to give Maine food producers our business.

We hope you'll join the party. Please use our site,, to share your Food Independence Day events, menus and photos; and help us spread the word by downloading this poster from our Web site and posting in your community. Thanks.

– Roger Doiron