Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Keith Zaltzberg
Goodbye to Keith – MOFGA said farewell to journeyperson Keith Zaltzberg this fall; Keith will be attending graduate school to study environmental design in January. While serving as journeyperson at MOFGA’s Common Ground in Unity, he planted many permaculture crops around the homestead where he lived and helped with other plantings and demonstrations. We thank you and wish you good luck, Keith!

Andrew Marshall
Hello to Andrew – MOFGA welcomed Andrew Marshall, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Santa Cruz, as its new Educational Programs Director this fall. Marshall’s dissertation is entitled, “From Pedagogy to Praxis: Sustainable Agriculture Education in the United States.” He is also a farmer and has had extensive experience teaching agricultural both in the field and classroom. English photo.

A Delicious and Relaxing Fundraiser
Fundraiser for Laughing Stock Farm
Organizational Development Work – By-Laws Changes
Goodbye to Keith Zaltzberg
Hello to Andrew Marshall

A Delicious and Relaxing Fundraiser –
Enjoy “A Meal and a Movie for MOFGA Day” in Waterville

What could be better than taking a dinner and movie break from the holiday rush? Here’s what could be better: having a portion of the proceeds from that movie and dinner (or other meal) benefit MOFGA. That’s just what will happen on December 9, when Ken Eisen of the Railroad Square Cinema in Waterville will donate a portion of the proceeds from the evening’s movies to MOFGA, and Stu Silverstein of the Grand Central Cafe, which is in the Cinema complex, will donate a portion of his entire day’s receipts to our organization.

In his wonderful, useful and humorous book Bread in Time – Breadbaking without Angst (Robin Hood Books, Knox, Maine, 1990), Silverstein says that he “learned to bake bread because the breads being sold from both the supermarket and country store were degenerate looking and mushy feeling. Furthermore, there was an appalling lack of quality ingredients, compounded by a long list of chemical additives with obscure and difficult-to-pronounce names listed on each bread wrapper.”

You won’t find obscure and difficult chemicals or degenerate mush at Grand Central, but savory, wood-fired, brick-oven baked pizza instead...and much more, including an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. Check out the menu at %7Enas/cafe/GrandCentral.htm (or just click on the link for Grand Central at

Shrimp and Pesto Quesadillas, anyone? Pesto Pizza? How about Slim Pizza with Fresh Mushrooms – followed by a chocolate sundae with Gifford’s ice cream in a tulip glass, of course! – or Vegan Pizza? Why not treat yourself to a quick buffet lunch soon after Grand Central opens at 11:30 a.m. and a relaxing dinner and a movie later, perhaps with a little holiday shopping in Waterville in between? You could even sign up for one of Grand Central’s breadbaking classes while you’re at it (or give a breadbaking class as a gift).

This is a delicious, unsurpassed opportunity to circulate and recirculate your money through the MOFGA community and MOFGA as well. See you there!

Railroad Square Cinema is located in Railroad Square between College Ave. and Main Street in Waterville, Maine. From Interstate 95, take exit 34 (Main Street) and head toward downtown Waterville. About a mile from the exit, look for a large, yellow sign on your left as you cross the railroad tracks. The entrance is between the railroad tracks and the Burger King sign.

As we went to press, titles of the Dec. 9 movies were unavailable, but a few different movies will be shown. Please call Railroad Square Cinema at 873-6526 for the 24-hour movie hotline, or visit to find out what’s playing.


Tasty and Entertaining Fundraiser for Laughing Stock Farm

On Saturday, December 13, Royal River Natural Foods at 443 U.S. Route 1 in Freeport will donate 5% of its sales to Laughing Stock Farm to help raise money to rebuild the barn lost in a fire in September. Laughing Stock Farm is owned by MOFGA board president Lisa Turner and her husband, Ralph. The fundraiser will include a wonderful holiday wine tasting with live music and great food. “We believe in supporting local farmers and are happy to help rebuild the barn,” says Tina Wilcoxson of Royal River.


Organizational Development Work

As we enter the third year of our organizational development project, we are reexamining the MOFGA bylaws and beginning work on the organization’s next 5-Year Plan (2005 - 2009). The MOFGA Board has authorized changes to a couple of items in the bylaws and will be reviewing bylaws change recommendations from the many MOFGA committees. Incremental changes will be presented for membership approval at MOFGA’s Annual Meeting this coming January. A comprehensive revision of the bylaws will be presented to the membership for approval at the 2005 meeting.

Revised bylaws recently approved by the MOFGA Board include the following:

1. Public Policy Committee Duties (Article VI, Section 1c.) “Shall review existing and proposed legislation and regulations on a federal and state level that are relevant to organic gardening and farming, sustainable agriculture, natural resource protection, and food safety and, from time to time, make the results of this review known to the Board of Directors. May support legislative and regulatory proposals, subject to authorization by the Board of Directors.”

2. Apprentice Committee (Article VI, Section 1g.) Given that the administration of MOFGA Apprenticeship activities has taken place with the backing of MOFGA’s Educational Programs Committee, the MOFGA Board approved eliminating this line from the Bylaws, effectively changing the Apprentice Committee from a standing committee of the board to a subcommittee of Educational Programs.

At its December 2003 meeting, the MOFGA Board will review proposed revisions to the descriptions of duties for the Buildings and Grounds Committee and the Educational Programs Committee. We will keep members apprised of developments relating to the bylaws.

Anyone wishing to get involved in the process of examining and updating the Bylaws, and/or helping craft the next 5-Year Plan should contact Heather Spalding in the MOFGA Office.


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