"One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, "What if I had never seen this before? What if I would never see it again?""
- Rachel Carson
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 The Perennial Garden - MOFGA's Endowment

Susan Leiter photo.
What the Perennial Garden Does

The Perennial Garden is designed to make MOFGA a financially stable organization with an endowment large enough to support long-range planning.

MOFGA encourages all members to consider planned gifts or bequests to the association.

In the beginning of 2012, MOFGA's endowment was just over $275,000.

We are planting for the future and we intend to serve Maine's agricultural community for many generations to come.

MOFGA Forever

The Perennial Garden, funded by private contributions, bequests, gifts in memoriam, and Life Membership fees ($1250/person), is designed to make MOFGA's endowment grow and flower. Endowment principal increases with each gift, earning interest to support our general operations.

Gifts to MOFGA's endowment allow supporters to extend the benefits of their tax-deductible donations long into the future.

The endowment provides many benefits to MOFGA, including:

  • the assurance of future funding;
  • the availability of services to meet programming needs;
  • income for new ventures;
  • the ability to demonstrate stability and permanence; and
  • flexibility in strategic planning.

Perennial Options For You And MOFGA

Gifts to the Endowment - Support in any amount, from $50 to an entire farm, can be designated for the endowment.*

Estate Planning - Include MOFGA in your will. A simple clause will do: "I hereby bequest the sum of $               to the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, a 501(c)3 organization, currently located at PO Box 170, Crosby Brook Road, Unity, Maine, 04988. Telephone number: 207-568-4142."

MOFGA Life Membership - Join today for $1250.

* Please note that donations to MOFGA are not restricted to our endowment. Supporters also may give to our general operating fund, our capital improvements fund, our mortgage, or any of MOFGA's programs.

If you would like to help us build our Endowment, please let us know that the donation you are going to make will be earmarked for the Endowment.

Donate online.


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