"The act of putting into your mouth what the earth has grown is perhaps your most direct interaction with the earth."
- Frances Moore Lappé
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MOFGA volunteers are featured in every issue of The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener.

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Danya Klie
Danya Klie

From The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener
September - November 2009

Danya Klie: A Volunteer for All Seasons

Belfast resident Danya Klie will do just about any volunteer job for MOFGA, as long as it doesn't involved meetings. "I just wait to see what comes up and go with the flow," she says.

She's helped landscape MOFGA's Common Ground Education Center, including setting out a plot of Jerusalem artichokes with Will Bonsall - which was a treat for her due to Bonsall's learned and loquacious nature. She's helped in the MOFGA office and worked in the MOFGA kitchen with chef Cheryl Wixson.

"Danya's the perfect volunteer," says Wixson. "She has a good sense of organization and is willing to tackle any project."

For the Common Ground Country Fair, Klie is the sign distribution coordinator and she runs the food judging contest.

Originally from New Jersey, Klie came to Maine via various other states, including Alaska, which is where "I felt like I found out who I was. I felt like I belonged someplace."

She learned about the kind of community where she wanted to live while in Alaska, but Klie wanted to be in the East and "knew I had to live in one of the three northern New England states."

Belfast, Maine, won, because of a job at a group home, from which Klie retired in 2003. Then she started putting in the hours for MOFGA.

She had visited Maine and had even attended a few Common Ground Fairs in the past, including one in Litchfield and the first Fair in Unity. "The move [to Unity] was quite amazing," says Klie. "It worked out so wonderfully. The first Fair in Unity wasn't chaotic at all. Walking through the woods, coming to that opening ... it was so magical."

Klie maintains a fairly large vegetable garden of her own and does enjoy some meetings: those of the very active MOFGA chapter, the Waldo Organic Growers.

She says she'll continue to do "whatever comes along" for MOFGA, often bringing her twin sister, who has also retired to Belfast, with her.

"With MOFGA, I feel there is constant appreciation shown for volunteers. I don't know who gets more out of it," she says, citing the volunteer appreciation dinner, free food at the Fair's Common Kitchen ... and lots of "thank-yous."

Volunteer coordinator Abby Sadauckas adds to those thanks: "Danya's enthusiasm for MOFGA facilitates a great working relationship. Whether in the kitchen baking bread or out on the grounds weeding gardens, her smile is ever present!"

Want to volunteer for MOFGA or for the Common Ground Country Fair? Contact MOFGA's volunteer coordinator Abby Sadauckas at abbys@mofga.org or 568-4142.

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