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Environmental Concerns

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Welcome to the Environmental Concerns Area of the Common Ground Country Fair!

Maine-based organizations focus on environmental, wildlife and marine concerns.

Learn about the great work happening in Maine and around the globe and how you can get involved.

Information for Exhibitors

Due date: May 13, 2019

The goals of the Environmental Concerns Area are:

  • To promote a bioregion that is environmentally sound and is sustainable, meeting the basic needs of all living things, in accordance with humane principles.
  • To provide an opportunity for groups expressing concern for the rights of all living systems (including groups addressing international environmental and agricultural problems) to present ideas and information.
  • To provide a forum for scheduled presentations for these groups.
  • To accommodate activities, including those for profit, that are compatible with the area

2019 Environmental Concerns Application

2019 Environmental Concerns Area Guidelines Packet (PDF)

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