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Welcome to the Low Impact Forestry Area of the Common Ground Country Fair!

MOFGA's Low-Impact Forestry Program has a few opportunities to shine for the public in the course of the year. One of those times is during the Common Ground Country Fair, when thousands of fairgoers file through MOFGA's woodlot, passing through the forestry demonstrations on their way to the ticket gate. Many of those fairgoers quickly return to the woods to take part in, or at least observe, the forest activities.

From kids to geezers, the LIF area has something to interest everyone who has the slightest curiosity about the woods around us. The 2015 schedule of presentations and demonstrations is posted on the Schedule page.

Past years' offerings have included topics such as woodlot tours (three times a day), the layout and functioning of a horse-logging operation (actually harvesting trees and hauling the logs to a small, portable sawmill, which produces boards, sawdust and slabs for use around the Fairgrounds), building a walking bridge across a small wetland area, forestry for kids, measuring woodlot damage from harvesting or storms, Certified Logging Professional chainsaw safety, directional felling techniques, woodland certification, pruning for added value, selecting a logger for successful harvest, and an explanation of Low Impact Forestry.

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