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Welcome to the Maine Fiber Farms Area of the Common Ground Country Fair!

In the Maine Fiber Farms area, everyone is welcome to visit the animals and see the wonderful things that farmers have created with fiber from the animals. Fairgoers might even meet the sheep who provided fleece for the yarn they see hanging from a nearby peg. The Maine Fiber Farms area provides a chance to get “up-close and personal” with the animals – from tiny bunnies to towering llamas – and the people who raise them.

The farmers in the Maine Fiber Farms area love to answer questions about their livestock and about running a small farm. Among the participants are amazing craftspeople who are more than eager to share their knowledge of knitting, weaving, spinning, felting and more.

In addition to knowledge, fairgoers take home fabulous fiber goods produced by these farms. There are offerings from raw fleece and yarn to finished goods: hats, mittens, socks, shawls, scarves, sweaters and probably a few things you never imagined fiber could be used to create! Instructional books and “tools of the trade,” including spindles, spinning wheels, knitting needles and dyes, are available, too.

The Maine Fiber Farms Area provides a unique opportunity to support an important part of Maine’s agricultural community. Sales of warm hats and toasty mittens help keep these farms going through the year. They are not “mass produced” but are lovingly crafted by the same people who raise these animals. All are unique, and many are works of art.

2018 Maine Fiber Farms Exhibitor Application Information

The Maine Fiber Farms area is open to Maine fiber producers and artists who raise their own livestock and are offering products they made with their own farm-raised fiber. If you are interested in exhibiting in the Maine Fiber Farms area at the Common Ground Country Fair, download the application packet below. It contains the guidelines for Maine Fiber Farms exhibitors and the booth application.

Application deadline - March 2, 2018

Applications submitted after the deadline are reviewed on a rolling, space available basis.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please send your information to

See Maine Fiber Farms Area Exhibitor Guidelines

Submit Maine Fiber Farms Exhibitor Application

For more information about the Maine Fiber Farms Area contact: Michelle DeLucia at

Anyone exhibiting animals must have liability insurance. Coverage is available through the Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors (MALE).


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