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Sustainable agriculture requires sustainable communities. The very basis and justification of organic agriculture is that it should not harm the earth, its plants, animals and its people. As we contemplate and support changes in our food system and our systems of land ownership and use, and as we return to a system that both supports and benefits from organic and locally grown food, we need to be aware of trade, agricultural land use policies, human rights and suffering throughout the world. With all of this in mind, the coordinators of the Social and Political Action Area seek:

  • to promote a bioregion that is environmentally sound and is sustainable, meeting the basic needs of all living things, in accordance with humane principles;
  • to provide an opportunity for groups advocating for sustainable agriculture and communities, peace, social equity, civil/human rights and concern for the rights of all living species (including groups addressing international environmental and agricultural problems) to present ideas and information;
  • to provide, in addition to educational activities occurring at each booth, a forum for scheduled presentations and debate; and
  • to accommodate activities, including those for profit, that are compatible with the area.

The Social and Political Action Area serves as a common ground for a wide variety of organizations and ethnic groups:

  • to explore shared values and possible areas of cooperation;
  • to encourage environmental protection and a respect for all living things;
  • to make it possible for people to earn a living through their work and to develop their potential as human beings;
  • to support public policy that promotes these objectives; and
  • to educate the public to injustices; and to provide opportunities to help right these injustices. 

Social and Political Action Area Exhibitor Information

The 2019 booth application will be released in the second half of March and posted on this webpage with a 3-week application window.

Download the 2018 Social and Political Action Area Guidelines Packet

For more information about the Social and Political Action Area of the Common Ground Country Fair, contact the volunteer area coordintors:

Beth Leonard & Gary Lawless

Roger Leisner