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 Welcome to the Children's Area of the Common Ground Country Fair!

Common Ground Country Fair Children's Area VSA Tent

Often referred to as "The Fair Within The Fair," the Children's Area is an absolutely wonderful, exciting, fun-filled, and educational venue, offering endless activities and entertainment -- all for free! Many families come to Common Ground and spend the better part of their days playing and learning in the Children's Area. Here are some brief descriptions of the programs in this haven for children of all ages:


Vegetable Garden Parade
Dress in costume as a vegetable, fruit, herb or beneficial animal or insect. Shake the rattles, bang the drum and blow the horn to let everyone know that the Garden Parade has begun! The Parade starts daily at 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., so please arrive 10 minutes early to dress in costume. Costumes and noisemakers are available for kids ages 1 to 100. Please note that the Saturday Parades are quite full and if you would like to wear a particular costume, consider joining the Parade on Friday or Sunday. As always, you are welcome to bring your own fantastic garden inspired costumes.

Sunflower Stage
Performances by some of Maine’s finest children’s entertainers including, storytelling, music, dance, magic, puppetry, and, of course, audience participation.

Kid's Cosmos Activities Tent

Exercise your creativity with arts and crafts projects in the Kid's Cosmos. Learn to felt and create your own pouch, paint and print your own banner to hang in your garden, twist up your own tree made from recycled materials, create your own hay sculpture, learn to play the harmonica or dance the Maine ecosystem! All arts activities are designed for children young and old and of all abilities. Come join the fun!

Need More To Do?
Threshing & Winnowing, Face Painting and much more!

Plus, on Saturday, the Exhibition Hall hosts an apple pie contest for children. Any school age child (or preschool age child) who arrives at the ticket gate on Saturday morning with an apple pie in hand will get in free providing he or she created the pie and is accompanied by a paying adult. Entries must be in the Exhibition Hall and registered by noon on Saturday. Competitors must use organic ingredients, preferably from Maine. Judging is at 1 p.m.




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