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Life Without a Farm Bill: Expiration Day Arrives


October 1, 2018 – National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition – On Monday, October 1, the thing that family farmers, sustainable agriculture supporters, and farmer advocates across the country have been working over a year to prevent happened: the 2014 Farm Bill expired. It’s not the first time that Congress has failed to pass a bill on time, but ag-advocates – including the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) – had worked especially hard to prevent the delay of the 2018 bill and the resulting shut down of dozens of agriculture, food, research, and conservation programs to new applications and contracts.

Scythe Supply


October 1, 2018 – By Joyce Kryszak; Photographs by Michael D. Wilson, DownEast – At her 45-acre organic farm, a breath away from Passamaquoddy Bay, Carol Bryan kneels in a freshly mown field, squinting under the noonday sun as she watches two novice scythers practicing an ancient skill. The young men gradually fall into the slow, rhythmic sweeping motion needed to mow efficiently with the primitive tool.

Monroe, N.H., Farm Bet on Organic Eggs and Won Big


September 29, 2018 – By John Lippman, Valley News – Shortly after Jesse Laflamme moved his business’s corporate offices into the Dartmouth Regional Technology Center in Lebanon, the building held a mixer for its tenants. Those who work at the biomedical companies, high-tech startups and laboratories at DRTC in the wooded enclave of Centerra Resource Park in Lebanon were curious to know what business their new co-tenant was in.

Home & Garden: Apples Old and New


September 27, 2018 – By Georgeanne Davis, The Free Press – With apple season in full swing, bags filled with bright red orbs are lined up outside both supermarkets and farm stands. Signs pop up with directions to pick-your-own orchards, and for those of us lucky enough to live in the country, an early morning dog walk can be combined with a sampling of old apple trees found along the edges of the roads and fields.

Monsanto's Role in Roundup Safety Study Is Corrected by Journal


September 27, 2018 – By Joel Rosenblatt , Peter Waldman and Lydia Mulvany, Bloomberg – Bayer AG’s defense of Roundup weed killer may take a hit after an academic journal said Monsanto Co. didn’t fully disclose its involvement in published research finding the herbicide safe.