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MOFGA Mission, Vision and Values

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The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association is a broad-based community that educates about and advocates for organic agriculture, illuminating its inter­dependence with a healthy environment, local food production, and thriving communities.



MOFGA envisions a future of healthy ecosystems, communities, people and economies sustained by the practices of organic agriculture.



MOFGA believes in our responsibility as an innovator, leader, collaborator and visionary to support:

  • Organic farming and gardening
  • Organic food for all
  • The integrity of organic standards
  • Practical forms of education
  • An economically viable market for producers, processors, consumers and communities
  • Human health, environmental health, local food production and thriving communities
  • Economic, environmental and social justice for all of Maine
  • The sustainable use of resources
  • Volunteerism
  • MOFGA members, staff and land in carrying out our mission
  • Ethical decisions grounded in science-based information
  • Education as the foundation for effective advocacy
  • Transparent, inclusive decision making
  • Partnering with all farmers on issues of common ground
  • A geographically, socially and demographically diverse MOFGA community, growing in membership
  • Work that builds a healthy planet
  • Our leadership at the local, state and national level in organic agriculture, environmental protection, volunteerism and the consumer’s right to know
  • The value of Maine’s pioneers, past, present and future who create a healthy world and just food system for all of Maine.