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Meet Passamaquoddy Maple in Jackman

The folks at Passamaquoddy Maple in Jackman, Maine

The folks at Passamaquoddy Maple in Jackman, Maine

August 20, 2020

Meet the folks from Passamaquoddy Maple in Jackman, Maine! A 100% tribally owned business that produces MOFGA certified organic Maple Syrup products "that will not only sustain our tribal land, but also create jobs for our people." Passamaquoddy Maple sells products online, through wholesale accounts, at craft/artisan shows (in a normal year), and at their office in Jackman (call first). They choose to produce organically because "it guarantees a wholesome product without any added chemicals." To learn more about Passamaquoddy Maple and to purchase their MOFGA certified Maple Syrup, please visit them online at, on Facebook (@PassamaquoddyMapleSyrup), or Instagram (@passamaquoddymaple).

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