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Farmer Programs Newsletter for October 30, 2020

This is the Farmer Programs newsletter for October 30, 2020. There are many new funding opportunities, great events happening and opportunities for your input, so make sure to look through the entire bulletin! All of our back issues from 2020 are archived on the MOFGA website here. Please send inquiries, suggestions, corrections or advice regarding this newsletter to [email protected].

Farmer Programs Newsletter for October 2, 2020

Hi folks, at the end of a much needed rainy week, here is the Farmer Programs newsletter for October 2, 2020 – there are many new resources, opportunities and events noted here, so look it over carefully! And remember, all of this season’s back issues are archived on the MOFGA website here. Please send inquiries, suggestions, corrections or advice regarding this newsletter to [email protected].

Meet Mandala Farm in Gouldsboro

September 10, 2020

Meet Sara Faull and Genio Burtin of Mandala Farm in Gouldsboro, Maine. They, their children and Burtin's parents maintain 2.5 acres of MOFGA-certified organic vegetables and diverse livestock enterprises. They sell their vegetables to restaurants and retail stores on Mount Desert Island and  through their CSA, self-serve farm stand and the Winter Harbor Farmers' Market. They farm primarily using Fjords, which haul in crops, spread manure, plant cover crops, move firewood and carry maple sap. See Sonja Heyck-Merlin's article about Mandala Farm in the fall issue of The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener.

Find Mandala Farm on Facebook, Instagram and the farm website.


Farmer Programs Newsletter for Sept. 4, 2020

Hi folks! Labor Day weekend is here, and so is the MOFGA Farmer Programs newsletter for Sept. 4, 2020! There's a lot here – please read through it all. And remember, all of this season's back issues are archived on the MOFGA website here. Please send inquiries, suggestions, corrections or advice regarding this newsletter to [email protected].


Meet Old Wells Farm in Limington

September 3, 2020

Meet Stowe and Dylan of Old Wells Farm in Limington, Maine. The whole crew consists of Stowell Watters, Marina Steller, Alaena Robbins and Dylan Watters, who grow MOFGA-certified organic produce and seedlings on their family land. They produce organically because they like to "keep it clean." The crew attests that the record-keeping requirements of organic production help them stay organized. Learn more about Old Wells Farm on Facebook, Instagram or at


Meet Jean English

Editor of The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener, 1989-2020

September 2020

This is the last issue of The MOF&G that Jean will edit, after 32 years on the job. Tim Nason, who has been working for MOFGA even longer than that (see Jane Lamb’s feature about him in the January-February 1994 issue of The MOF&G), conducted the interview.


Meet MOFGA Volunteer Dusty Dowse

September 1, 2020

Harold “Dusty” Dowse likes to share his vast knowledge in a variety of areas, as his authorship or co-authorship of over 50 papers in the natural sciences and his 40-year tenure at the University of Maine in Orono prove. These days he spends his time running his own bakery, Lammastide Bakers, in Cambridge, Maine; serving on the Common Ground Country Fair steering committee; and benefiting the Maine Grain Alliance as its education director and directing the Maine Artisan Bread Fair. For Common Ground, he is an area coordinator for bread baking, where 18 loaves at a time bake in a wood-fired oven bought with a grant from the Quimby Foundation and built by Maine Wood Heat. Fair volunteers enjoy the bread during the three meals per day served to them in the Common Kitchen.


Meet Passamaquoddy Maple in Jackman

August 20, 2020

Meet the folks from Passamaquoddy Maple in Jackman, Maine! A 100% tribally owned business that produces MOFGA certified organic Maple Syrup products "that will not only sustain our tribal land, but also create jobs for our people." Passamaquoddy Maple sells products online, through wholesale accounts, at craft/artisan shows (in a normal year), and at their office in Jackman (call first). They choose to produce organically because "it guarantees a wholesome product without any added chemicals." To learn more about Passamaquoddy Maple and to purchase their MOFGA certified Maple Syrup, please visit them online at, on Facebook (@PassamaquoddyMapleSyrup), or Instagram (@passamaquoddymaple).


Meet Ledge Rock Farm in Knox

August 13, 2020

Meet some of the cows from Ledge Rock Farm in Knox, Maine! Ledge Rock Farm is a MOFGA certified organic dairy that sells milk to Organic Valley. They choose to be a MOFGA certified dairy because they believe it is important for their cows to go out to pasture and have access to the outdoors everyday. Being organic has given them the opportunity to know each of their cows and their unique personalities. It also enables them to recognize if something is off or different about a cow and catch an issue before it becomes a bigger problem. As Michele from Ledge Rock says, "Happy cows produce better milk!"