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MOFGA Welcomes the Oggún Tractor

Don Pendleton got acquainted with our new Oggún Tractor this spring while grading our roads. English photo

Don Pendleton got acquainted with our new Oggún Tractor this spring while grading our roads. English photo

June 1, 2017 – MOFGA welcomed a new tool this spring – the Oggún Tractor manufactured by CleBer, LLC in Paint Rock, Alabama – for work and demonstration at the Common Ground Education Center in Unity. Originally envisioned for use in Cuba, the tractor is the brainchild of former IBM employees Horace Clemmons and Saul Berenthal. The base structure of the unit, called the universal power platform, is centered around existing engine technology, hydraulic pumps, motors and hubs, according to a data sheet about the machine. Modeled after the Allis-Chalmers Model G that hit the market in 1949, the tractor, says Clemmons, is designed for single-row production.

The Oggún is not just a replica of the older Model G but is a new concept in equipment for the small farm. According to the Oggún literature, “As we look across the world of farming today, on one end of the spectrum are large farmers, using high-tech, expensive machinery. On the other are the vast majority of the world's farmers using antiquated equipment, livestock or manual labor. With the growing world food issues there is a great need to put more effective farm equipment into the hands of all farmers so that more food can be produced closer to the areas of most need. Our solution is Open System Manufacturing. OSM represents a building block approach by utilizing common ‘off the shelf' components while avoiding the restrictions of patents. This model allows us to manufacture a wide range of agricultural and light construction equipment that is cost-effective, simple, rugged, and maintainable in the field or local shop."

The Oggún Tractor comes with tool bars and equipment and should be available for viewing at MOFGA.

Thanks for the acquisition of this new equipment go to some longtime MOFGA members and supporters who thought that this was something Russell Libby would have supported.

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