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Protect Our Pollinators


April 2020

We need your help to protect Maine’s native pollinators!

Our backyard gardens, farms, and larger ecosystems rely on healthy pollinator populations to thrive. MOFGA’s work helps protect bees on many levels that include connecting organic farmers and gardeners with resources to succeed, training new generations of farmers, and working to expand the number of acres in organic production. MOFGA is also working at the state and national policy level to curb the use of dangerous pesticides.

Many families’ livelihoods are uncertain during this COVID-19 health crisis. We hope you will stay involved in our work to support Maine’s farms and local food producers by signing up for our newsletter, registering for a webinar about gardening, or by shopping at a farm in your community.

If you are able, consider a donation today to support our critical short term work during this crisis as well as our ongoing mission to strengthen our food system and nourish all Mainers.

Learn more about how to protect pollinators in your backyard.

Please sign our petition to protect pollinators by banning neonicotinoid pesticide use in Maine.


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