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Common Ground Country Fair Amphitheater Redesign

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The Amphitheater has been a landmark on MOFGA’s grounds since it was created in 1997. The venue took advantage of our new home in Unity and continues to serve as a destination for dynamic performing artists. The 2017 redesign idea came from Alfred Lund and Nancy Rosalie as well as the Fair Steering and Buildings and Grounds committees.

Many fairgoers enjoy sliding down the bank of the berm at the edge of the Amphitheater; others enjoy listening to great music on the Common Ground Country Fair’s largest stage. This year we’ve upgraded the Amphitheater to create more green space between the berm sliding hill and the Farmers’ Market road and, on the stage side, a more gradual slope that is perfect for relaxing and enjoying music. The berm itself is 100 feet shorter and more curved, providing a better listening experience. The removed soil was used to expand the Folk Arts, Agricultural Products and Large Livestock areas. These exciting improvements have been some of the biggest since we moved to our grounds in Unity.

To help celebrate our new Amphitheater design, some well known acts will be performing there this year, including The Gawler Family, Inanna, and Sara Trunzo. Also, over 200 feet of sliding hill await you!

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Berm reconstruction occurred in early summer so that the area would be ready for the Fair. English photo

A view of the new Amphitheater showing additional green space between the berm sliding hill and the Farmers’ Market road. English photo