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Weekly events, May through September

Designed to augment the on-farm learning of the farm apprenticeship program, MOFGA’s Farm Training Project (FTP) workshops follow an informal format, usually beginning with a farm tour followed by a presentation on the topic of the day.

All Farm Training Project events are online for 2020 due to COVID-19 safety concerns.

For more information or directions to any of the workshops, call 568-4142, email [email protected] or check this webpage.

Seed Saving and Indigenous Seed Sovereignty

MOFGA Farm Training Project

Wednesday, August 26, 2020
5 p.m. on Zoom

This workshop will cover the principles and practices of organic seed production within the contemporary context of seed sovereignty, ethical seed stewardship and regional crop adaptation. Presenters include Rachet Sayet (Mohegan), seed saver, herbalist, chef and scholar of indigenous foodways, and Daniel MacPhee, commercial organic seed farmer at Blackbird Rise in Palermo, Maine.

The conversation will be framed with a discussion of the rich cultural tradition of seedkeeping as well as its widespread appropriation, exploitation and systematic erasure by the industrialized seed system. Grounded by this ethical perspective, we’ll dig into the technical aspects of seed production systems including seed sourcing, pollination, isolation, selection, harvest and seed cleaning, as well as the process and benefits of on-farm breeding/adaptation of crops to local conditions. Throughout the workshop we’ll share examples and opportunities for new and experienced seed savers, farmers and gardeners to work towards repair of a more resilient and equitable regional seed system – and our relationship to seed, each other and the land. 

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